How to Clean GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Opal Ice Maker

Opal ice maker is a portable nugget ice machine produced by GE Profile, a Chinese brand that produces a range of household items, including nugget ice makers.

Nugget ice, also known as Sonic ice, is a type of ice that is soft, chewable, and crunchable, which is popular in many fast-food chains and restaurants.

The GE profile opal 1.0 and 2.0 ice maker versions use a process called “freeze and shave” to create its unique nugget ice and can produce ice cubes within some minutes.

a pound of pebble ice in 1 hour or a little more.

This countertop pebble ice maker freezes a small amount of water onto a cylinder and then shaves off the ice as it forms. This process creates small, irregularly shaped ice nuggets that are perfect for chewing, and good for use in cocktail drinks.

How to clean GE Profile Opal Nugget ice machine

How to Clean Opal Ice Maker

Opal nugget ice maker cleaning is important to ensure that it continues to function optimally to produce clean and fresh-tasting pebble ice cubes.

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To clean your GE profile ice nugget machine, you should check the manual for instructions, and this machine is simple to maintain.

First, unplug the machine from the electric circuit. This applies to any electric device. Remove any remaining ice cubes from the ice bin.

You can use any dishwashing solution to wash your ice maker or mix your cleaning solution by combining 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a quart of water in a container.

Remove the opal ice bin and any other removable parts from the machine, such as the water reservoir and ice scoop.

Dip a soft clean handkerchief or small towel in the soap and use it to clean the interior of your ice machine, including the ice chute, ice maker housing, and evaporator.

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After cleaning all these parts mentioned, rinse the handkerchief or towel in clean water, squeeze it to remove water, and use it to wipe away any remaining residue or cleaning solution.

You should also clean the removable parts aforementioned in the sink using the same cleaning solution.

Rinse the ice scoop, water reservoir, and others thoroughly with clean water and dry them with a clean towel.

Once the parts are cleaned, allow the ice machine and the components to dry indoors before you reassemble it and plug it back in.

Then, run your countertop pebble ice machine for a full cycle to flush out water that may remain.

GE Profile Opal ice maker is a convenient and efficient way to make nugget ice at home.

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It is perfect for those who enjoy soft and chewable ice and want to enjoy it in the comfort of their home.


The GE profile Opal ice machine is a popular ice cube maker you can place on your countertop and produce fresh crunchy ice.

It is compact and portable and can produce up to 24 pounds of ice per day.

Opal nugget ice maker has a built-in water reservoir that holds up to 3 quarts of water. The machine also has a self-cleaning function that helps keep it clean and hygienic.

It is advisable to clean your Opal ice maker at least once in 3 months, or more frequently if you use it heavily.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can ensure that your GE nugget ice machine remains clean and function well.

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