How Microdosing Stimulant Drug can help Smokers

Microdosing marijuana or tobacco is a process that a lot of smokers are still unaware of.

Its introduction into the mainstream was back in mid-2016.

This process is one that could change the way in which cannabis is being smoked.

But first, let’s take a look at what it means to microdose.


What is Microdosing

Simply put, microdosing is like being on the verge of getting high.

It is the act of imbibing low doses of stimulant to the extent that you don’t perceive that you are high.

It makes you get some sort of experience of creative opening that grants you the ability to enjoy some benefits without having any side effects.

Benefits of nicotine pouch to smokers

For example, instead of smoking tobacco which will harm your cardiovascular system, you can take nicotine pouch.

Nicotine is a natural substance that stimulates and it can be extracted from tobacco plant.

When you take nicotine pouch, here you still take your tobacco but in small amount and in healthy way.

It’s healthier and safer to smoking because you can control your dose, reduce pollution from smoke by just putting the pouch under your lips.

Since it’s ingested, it get digested and absorbed into the bloodstream slowly so you don’t easily get high like smoking other stimulant drug.

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Why Should People Microdose?

  • Do you experience anxiety when you get high?
  • Do you enjoy some specific aspects of taking cannabis but you get some serious side effects that disallows you from taking it therapeutically?
  • Do you enjoy the experience but need to have a more focused and mellow mindset?
  • Have you been taking pharmaceutical medications in order to minimize health issues, but you don’t like the side-effects you are getting?

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, then microdosing may be the next step for you.

According to the users of this technique, the idea of microdosing is a subtle yet alluring one given the fact that you’ll get to experience some profound changes within yourself.


What’s the Right Dose to Take?

In order to get to your sweet spot, you’ll need to exercise a lot of patience as it will take time and practice.

You’ll need to be well-informed about cannabis, cultivate some self-awareness, and keep a journal to record what you’ve gained and experienced.

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You need to know that someone’s microdosing technique might not work for you given the fact that everyone has a different endocannabinoid system.

In fact, what worked for you yesterday might not work for you today.

When trying to figure out your microdosing journey, you need to take important factors such as sleeping habits, mood, appetite, tolerance.

You should also take other personal chemistry aspects into consideration. This is because they will have a direct impact on your outcome.

The goal of microdosing is to avoid the amount of cannabis that would produce unwanted side effects and euphoria while still enjoying the simple benefit of getting cannabis into your system.

How to quit smoking slowly and permanently

What’s the Best Delivery Method for Microdosing?

There are three main methods that are considered to be the best for microdosing; Combustion, Vaporization, and Ingestion.

Each of them have their own pros and cons, but most times, you can come up with your own design by infusing all three methods together.



Vaporization provides you with the benefit of being able to microdose efficiently and accurately.

You’ll be able to control your dose and still avoid harmful carcinogens.

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Thanks to the widespread use of vaping devices that are more convenient, stylish, and portable, patients can now microdose easily and efficiently as they will be able to control their experience, enjoy the drugs components, and conserve their stash.



This is the most difficult way to microdose as you are bound to lose control over your dose.

With one single hit, a person with low tolerance may inhale up to ten milligram of THC from a jay may.

So instead of rolling it in a paper, it is better to use a pipe for this method.

Additionally, you won’t be able to conserve your drug as you’ll have to burn most of the product away.

If you are microdosing because of your health, then combustion is not the right method for you.



This is an easier way to medicate. Ingesting your drug sometimes provide a more therapeutic dose and it’s bound to have a lasting effect.

With this method, you won’t be inhaling smoke, you’ll be able to control your dose, and you’ll be able to enjoy the product in a more precise and discreet manner.

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