Application of sunflower oil

If you regularly consume sunflower oil, it can help relieve many symptoms or prevent diseases.

For this reason, the valuable oil should not be missing in your kitchen and it’s usually consumed mainly in salads or cold dishes because only the main ingredients are not lost when consumed fresh, and help the human body to stay healthy.

Sunflower oil can be used to relieve joint pain, muscle soreness, neck or nerve pain such as also bruises and lumbago.

Sunflower oil also help the urinary system and as a gentle laxative when constipation is complicated.

For constipation, sunflower oil is therefore, a very good alternative to drugs.

The precious oil from the seeds of the sunflower has a cholesterol-lowering effect and at the same time prevents arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Sunflower oil also strengthens the liver, activates the bile flow, and promotes blood circulation.

Even dry and rough skin can regain the necessary elasticity with sunflower oil and stop the itching. Even children who get second teeth can benefit from the wonderful oil.

Salad made with Sunflower oil is supportive in the formation of healthy and strong teeth and thus prevents tooth decay.

How to use sunflower seed oil

Oil painting for health

Many would have heard about Oil painting. This is excellent with sunflower oil because the oil is neutral and has no taste.

This frees not only the whole mouth and throat from pathogens also improves the immune power of the mucous membrane of the mouth.

In addition, it strengthens the body and makes it less prone to diseases, such as colds.

The oil painting with sunflower oil prevents rheumatism as well as stomach and intestinal problems and significantly strengthens against environmental pollution.

Also, periodontitis can be combated with sunflower oil and it activates the self-healing power of the body and thus, positively impact the immune system.

How Sunflower oil painting treatment works

Take 1 Tablespoon cold-pressed sunflower oil in the mouth on an empty stomach in the morning.

The sunflower oil moves now firmly back and forth and also through the teeth pressing – at least 10 minutes.

After 10 to 15 minutes, spit out the oil. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and brush your teeth as usual.


IMPORTANT: You must spit out the sunflower oil and must not be swallowed since it is toxic! After 10 to 15 minutes, the oil should be white and maybe slightly frothy.

When the sunflower oil is still yellow, the period of oil pulling was too short.

Also, the sink should be well cleaned and disinfected because this toxic mass, which will spit out may have many bacteria, viruses, and germs. Still, it can occasionally occur that, the general condition deteriorates during the first days.

However, you should watch the body closely and if there’s a problem with oil painting treatment with sunflowers, a doctor should be consulted and if necessary, the oil painting treatment can be canceled.

Also in case of fever, the doctor’s opinion should be sought.

This treatment should be performed every morning for a few weeks.

The oil painting treatment with sunflower oil makes the body fit, builds it, strengthens the immune system, and thus reduces the susceptibility to diseases.

Dosage of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is used in preparing dishes and also to relieve pain if it is applied externally.

  • Aching joints

If you have aching joints or even muscle soreness, suffer from lumbago or nerve pain, you can easily rub the affected area with some sunflower oil.


  • Bronchitis and cough

Sunflower oil can be applied also for coughs and bronchitis, externally. To do this, just a little sunflower oil on the chest and back rub and keep warm the rubbed points.


  • Dry skin

People who suffer from dry skin, can rub their skin with sunflower oil and use it as a body oil.

It provides the skin with linoleic acid, moisturizes, and can alleviate even itching. To increase the effectiveness of the oil, it should be applied to moist skin.


  • Dandruff and itchy scalp

Sunflower oil can be used excellently as a massage oil for the scalp. It not only soothes the scalp, but the scales thing becomes thing of the past soon since the vitamin E contained in the oil has a positive impact on dandruff.

To do this, just a little massage with sunflower oil on the scalp and soak it for about 20 minutes and wash with a mild shampoo.


  • Sunflower oil in making healthy hair

Split-ends hair can be treated very well with sunflower oil. Rub a tablespoon of sunflower oil in the lengths and tips of the hair and leave overnight and then wash with a mild shampoo.


  • Constipation

If there’s anyone that suffers from constipation, he/she may use sunflower oil internally.

For constipation, take 1 tsp of sunflower oil every day till there’s an improvement.

Even babies, sunflower oil is a great helper when they suffer from constipation.

Also, Breast milk can be enriched with sunflower oil.