What are spirulina algae?
Spirulina is a special form of algae, also called blue. This organism has grown on this earth for many millennia, long before there were humans and it is one of the first organisms that grew here. Centuries ago, people discovered the algae as food and there were civilizations where the algae was used as such, for example in the Aztecs.

Among the Spirulina algae there is a distinction between 35 different varieties, but the best known is the variety Spirulina Platensis. Spirulina algae naturally occur in salty waters, but are now also cultivated for further processing. How well a Spirulina algae develops depends on the nutrients and ph values in the water.

The algae looks spiral-shaped or spiral-shaped under the microscope, so there is also the name Spirulina. For the development of Spirulina algae ph values from 9 to 11 are necessary in the water. The perfect conditions for the development of algae can be found in tropical and subtropical areas. Indigenous, this algae is mainly in Central America, Asia, Africa and Australia. But also in other areas this algae is now bred.

Spirulina algae can be ordered online for example in tablet form or powder. These are not naturally grown, but bred algae, because the naturally grown algae are often contaminated with heavy metals, due to the pollution of water.

To breed these algae, a water temperature of at least 35 degrees must be maintained. In addition, a large amount of carbon oxide is required for breeding to stimulate the growth of algae. Of course, carbon oxide occurs in the air and is absorbed by the algae, but manufacturers of algae products still have extra carbon oxide in the breeding industry.

This is how growth is stimulated and accelerated. Spirulina algae are then filtered and dried. They can then be pressed or pulverized.
Apart from the tablets, Spirulina can also be bought in capsule form. Every now and then, in the production of capsules, animal products such as lubricants are used, which is why it is recommended for vegans to check this before and possibly to buy the tablets or the powder.

The tablets are also often called press lings because they consist of practically 100% of pressed algae. The powder also consists of 100% algae, but it is still advisable to research information about the manufacturer or provider, because if you buy this product, you should know whether the Spirulina products have a high degree of purity and come from organic cultivation.

Spirulina algae are very well suited as dietary supplements because they contain a lot of good ingredients, which can be useful for example in a strict plant diet. It is particularly noteworthy that the algae are 60% of proteins. People who eat mainly fruits and vegetables can therefore enrich their diet with proteins if they take this algae product in addition and thus prevent certain deficiency symptoms.

Meanwhile, there are even foods that are already enriched with these blue. In reform houses and organic shops, for example, you can find pasta and beverage powder with spirulina. However, it is important for a balanced diet to take the spirulina algae regularly. Therefore you should follow the dosage instructions on the package leaflet.