How to use White Corn

About white corn

White corn is a grain crop and belongs to the family Gramineae. It is native to the Americas and can be grown year-round, provided there are mild sunlight and adequate irrigation.

White corn matures in 3 months, however, there are now hybrids that can mature faster.Its ears are wrapped in white husks on a straight line, and each ear can contain hundreds of kernels.

When the corn finally matures, the leaves become darker, and the kernels become tender and sweet. During this period, the water content will be reduced, and the sugar content is converted to starch.


White Corn vs Yellow corn

Many people select white corn instead of yellow for its striking, bright-white color, adding variety to a summer table.

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The major difference between white corn and other varieties is that white corn ears are wrapped in white husks.

The taste and sweetness are virtually the same as yellow corn.

One common way people eat fresh white corn is by removing the husks and boiling the cob for 15 minutes.

Another popular method is to cook it on the grill, with the husks still on. It’s better not to overcook your corn so that the flavor and texture can be preserved.

And good news! White corn is good for you. It is a whole-grain rich in fiber, which can help alleviate digestive issues and lower the risk of colon cancer. White corn is a rich source of the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin A, which can help to improve your vision
  • Vitamin B, which can help to control hypertension
  • Phytonutrients, which can help to control high blood pressure
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During the summer growing season, you can get fresh white corn from farmers’ markets.

If that doesn’t fit your schedule, you can make it easier by ordering your fresh or canned white corn from Instacart.

You can also download the Instacart app and order on the go. Most orders are fulfilled the same day, so you can save time as an Instacart shopper.


How to store white corn

It is always ideal to eat your fresh white corn the same day you bought it. If you can not finish it the same day, you can prevent white corn from drying out by keeping it in a refrigerator.

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One method of storage preparation is to blanch the corn before keeping it in the refrigerator to prevent changes to the texture and flavor.

You can also steam it for a few minutes, remove the corn from the cob, and put it in a bowl of icy-cold water before cold storage.

Do you want white corn for your salads and pastas or to go on the grill? Order any preferred variety from Instacart for same-day service.

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