When to take tudca for health benefits

What is Tudca?

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) is a good water-soluble bile acid formed in the body to counter the piling up of harmful bile acid (salt) in the liver that is capable of rendering it unhealthy or damaged.

Tudca or Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) helps the digestion and absorption of fatty acid and oil, and in the metabolism of other nutrients.

Tudca is naturally formed in the body but in a lower amount, and to unhealthy people, especially people with liver problems, circulation becomes ineffective in the body, and patients are placed on TUDCA to increase the volume.

When to take tudca for health benefits

How Long After Taking Tudca Can I Drink Alcohol?

Binge-drinking alcohol can take a toll on your liver, kidney, and other organs in the body.

While Tudca is good for the liver and can reduce the damage caused by excessive alcohol in the body, taking it at the wrong time can do much damage to the liver.

  • So, if you like to drink alcohol and you’re on tudca, should you take tudca before drinking alcohol or take tudca after drinking alcohol?
  • Also, how long after taking tudca should you wait before drinking alcohol?

First, if you’re taking tudca, you should avoid excessive drinking of alcohol at all costs to have the effects of the tudca in your body.

Second, taking tudca before drinking can damage your liver cells instead of protecting the liver against alcohol.

Most people don’t take alcohol in the morning, but after work in the evening, therefore, the best time to take tudca is in the morning, and make sure you take some food and enough water before it for better digestion and absorption.

You should wait for at least 6 hours after taking tudca before drinking alcohol, and it should be 1 or 2 bottle maximum.

Since you need to take tudca twice daily for better effect, if you must take alcohol, take not more than 2 bottles in the evening and take your tudca supplement or drug at night after 4 hours, the alcohol should have been out of your system at that time.

If you’re taking tudca solely to prevent your liver from getting damaged from alcohol consumption, you should always take your tudca after taking alcohol to protect your liver against the negative impacts of the alcohol.


How much Tudca should I Take?

Tudca is dosed per weight of the user, and as a rule of thumb, 15mg per kg weight is recommended daily.

Therefore, if you’re 100kg in weight, you should take a 1500mg dose of tudca daily consistently for 3 months.

As personal advice, you should split the 1500mg example here into 2, and take 750mg in the morning and another 750mg at night. The same is applicable in any dosage you’re to take.

Since there are different reasons people take tudca, either as a preventive drug or treatment, the dosage may vary.

To revert alcohol damage to the liver or as a preventive supplement to increase testosterone, and prevent the development of glomerular and proximal tubular damage to the kidney, a lower dose of 12mg per kg may be taken.

However, for bodybuilders that want to improve their muscles, and improve insulin sensitivity and secretion, a little higher dose of up to 20mg of tudca per kg weight can be taken.


How Long Should I continue to take Tudca?

You can take tudca twice daily for months and even more than 1 year without any negative effects.

Different studies have pointed to at least 3 months of usage of tudca to have health benefits.

You should take tudca for at least 1 month to have the benefits while the long-term effects take at least 6 months.

If you’re an athlete or bodybuilder that takes steroids like Tren, Dbol, or others, a cycle of steroids can take a toll on your liver, and you can continue to take 250mg of tudca 3 times daily, making a total of 750mg 3 hours before taking your steroid to prevent excessive damage of the liver cells.


When Should you Not Take Tudca?

There are no significant side effects of taking tudca or UDCA, or interactions with other supplements and drugs.

However, it’s advisable not to take it when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding a baby.


Health Benefits of Tudca Supplements

There are benefits of natural tudca in the body, and tudca supplements are also beneficial

Tudca is known to be the best liver friend because it prevents harmful bile salt that’s formed during cholestasis to damage liver cells and cause death to the cells.

Tudca gives liver support and protection, and you can get tudca liver support supplements from any quality food and drug store.

  • Tudca reduces Cholesterol in the body

Tudca is capable of reducing intracellular cholesterol levels, and you can begin to reap the benefits after 6 months.

Decreased cholesterol typically means you can reduce your blood pressure, and improve liver functions as well.

  • It’s a liver and gallbladder Protector

Tudca is used as a supplement and drug not only to increase the healthy bile acid and reduce cholesterol, it’s used to treat gallstones and supplement the naturally formed bile salt, hence, to the liver.

  • Tudca can help to improve pancreatic function and increase testosterone in male
  • It can help to lower toxic liver enzymes formed during cholestasis in a few months of regular dosage.
  • Tudca can reduce endoplasmic reticulum stress
  • Tudca stabilizes the mitochondrion, serves as an anti-apoptotic agent, and reduces fats in the liver.
  • Tudca is good for the kidney as it helps to reduce inflammation in the renal cortex, reduce renal cell death, and tubular damage, among others, and has possible benefits for people living with diabetes and other renal problems.
  • Tudca can help to maintain insulin secretion and reduce blood sugar.
  • Tudca has neuro-protective benefits against harmful chemicals that can trigger Huntington’s disease.
  • Tudca can also help reduce brain cell death and protect against Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • There are also possible positive effects of tudca on stroke and neurological problems.
  • Tudca can rehabilitate the liver, improve bile flow and alcoholic liver disease symptoms.

While most of the research conducted on the efficacy of tudca is on lower animals, and more research needs to be carried out, people that use it as a supplement and drug are witness to the benefits of taking TUDCA.