Tea tree oil is much appreciated and praised in media due to the different ways it can be used and numerous health benefits. It has been used in many places to relieve people from symptoms and to cure numerous diseases in human beings and animals for both minor and serious ailments.

Tea tree as Shampoo for Hair Dandruff, Scalps & Hair Growth
For people who wonder what tea tree essential oil is good for and what it does when used, Tea tree oil is popular for its health benefits and effectiveness in treating hair dandruff on head and men beard when used as shampoo to wash the hair and in promoting hair growth.

Not only that, it is also used with other oils like aloe vera oil and coconut oil to improve your natural hair, get rid of lice and there are positive reviews from users when they leave it overnight on their hair.

So, if you’re thinking of how to get rid of dandruff fast and permanently in few wash and which shampoo is best for it, dry flaky scalp, thinning and hair fall, tree tea oil is a good anti dandruff shampoo for both men and women d it’s a good and home remedy for your itchy scalps. Even in severe cases, it was proven to be effective, not in wash though but remove the dandruff in no time.

If you want to know how to grow your hair faster and make it better in a natural way without any over-the-counter drug, you can start using tree tea oil and add it to your cosmetics products. There are products made with this essential oil but the natural one is always better and preferred.

Furthermore, many studies have shown that the tea tree oil has a very positive effect on fungi and skin diseases and can also be used for colds as well as inflammation.

Tea tree for Skin Treatment
For some people who’re not happy with their skin pigmentation, most especially the blacks who have been reported to use the skin whitening products the most, always have problem with dark spots and blackheads and often find a way to correct the discoloration and acne on the skin.

I’m not a beauty expert but if you want to get rid of cystic acne scars, dark spots left on your face after pressing out pimples, skin tags and warts without any medication or product, the best and also natural way to achieve this fast and without any future side effects is to start using tea tree oil to wash your face regularly; in the morning and at night.

It may not perform magic overnight and don’t ever believe products that promise that as most are just fads. Some of these products are usually claimed to be made from one magic plant that will remove acne and clear your face in 10 minutes or few days.

Tea tree oil also work in reducing skin inflammation like eczema, redness lesions and itching symptoms, used as supporting oil to getting rid of sunburn, rash and bring relief to patients.

This is home remedy you can apply after due consultation with your medical expert. In case of sudden unexplainable and uncontrollable itching all over your body, especially at nights, you may need to be placed on drugs for quick recovery.