Purchase of oil


The extracted oil from walnuts is very rich in nutrients, especially polyunsaturated fats and saturated fats and has many health benefits to man. Not only used for its healing potentials on skin, hair and combating diseases in the body but also used for cooking and painting works.


There are two major types of walnut oil, the organic oil which is cold pressed and the refined oil, however, the oil is known to be very expensive irrespective of anyone you want to purchase and this could be one of the reasons is not commonly used.


If you want to buy walnut oil, it’s good to buy from a good source and it’s important that it has been grown and cold-pressed so that all its ingredients are included and not lost just in case of the refined walnut oil. This is the only way the oil can have its full healing effects


When you’re buying walnut oil, care should be taken to ensure that only small quantities that you need or would be able to finish in short time are purchased because the oil can not be kept for a long time without losing its quality.


Walnut is preferably kept and lasts only for six to twelve months after its bottle Cork has been opened and It is also important that you store your walnut oil in a dark and cool place to lengthen its days of optimal quality. Once you open it, it’s advisable to consume it quickly so the oil don’t oxidized in air and thus becomes rancid.


How much is now walnut oil and where can you buy it? The price varies from one country to another, the farm the walnuts are produced, the mode of oil extraction, the brands selling it and the market.


In India for example, you can buy from any quality food and health store  for 400 to 450 Indian rupee (equivalent to $8 to 9$) per 100ml and you can buy online from the famous indianMart store where you’ll see varieties of quality brands like the popular organic food brand, Health1st, Bo International, Expo Essential Oils etc selling organic cold pressed walnut oil.


Some Indians also prefer to buy the patanjali products which are made with different essential oils such as sesame oil, olive oil, castor oil or a mix of these oil quantities including walnut oil in a bottle for health benefits.


You can as well buy from akhrot oil online if you don’t know where to buy it from their store or buy from Walmart, Amazon and other quality ecommerce site.

Like people asking for the best walnut oil  to buy, from Juglans regia, the common walnut also popularly known as the English walnut in which almond oil is extracted to the Juglans nigra specie in which we get the black walnut oil, the two oils have much healing effects but more potent in one use than the other, generally, getting the organic English walnut oil or black walnut oil would be the best buy.


Many Canadians also like to buy virgin walnut oil and other quality essential oils from la tourangelle,

One of the best artisan oil producer, or from other online stores in Canada, preferable Walmart Canada.


However, when reviewed, the price varies depending on whether you want to buy it for cooking or for interior works such as in polishing woods and the refined walnut essential oil is far cheaper selling for an average of 2.20 Canadian dollars per 100ml when compared to the organic unrefined that’s raw cold pressed selling far above 400 dollars per 100 ml.


Using Walnut oil for wood countertop or cutting boards enhance the beauty of your wood or further protect the last layers of protective polish, its mix with Beeswax to make a locally produced wood oil is also used and can also be gotten online. A popular wood turner, mike, has walnut oil for wood, mahoney’s walnut oil.


Whenever you’re buying walnut oil for whatever purpose, it’s important you understand what type of it you’re purchasing and if it’s refined or not, even for other purposes other than food preparation, try to read the label and check the contents so you don’t get ripped off. You can also compare the price from your local store to prices online.


However, you have an advantage when you buy it online as you can carefully search and select the type you want, read reviews about real people who have used it before and how much effects they it has after taken it.

With competition among many walnut oil retailers, you can also get discounts for purchasing walnut oil online from several online stores we’ve.