Tonka bean, which is also called tonkin bean or tonquin bean is the seed of Dipteryx odorata plant.

This flowering tree is native to Central American and South American and produce a pea- like fruit.

However, Dipteryx odorata tree is widely cultivated for the seeds (Tonka bean).

The tonka bean is mainly used in traditional medicine, as fragrance in cosmetics, especially perfumes and for flavouring and spicing drinks and food.

Tonka bean when crushed smells good like cherry or almond, and have similar taste to vanilla or cinnamon when used in ice cream.

The main nutrient that’s responsible for its aroma and health benefits is the coumarine, which is the reason it’s used to sweeten foods.

However, this ingredient is in high composition in tonka bean and much of it has serious effects on health.

This is the main reason tonka bean is not accepted in America and Canada and some other places it was banned from consumption.


Uses and Benefits of Tonka Bean

Tonka bean as Pain Relief

Coumarin, the main ingredient if tonka bean is a lethal anticoagulant and has analgesic effects in which it can give natural pain relief after surgery.

It can as well reduce chronic back pain, sore muscle pain and tension in the body. It is being used as homeopathic pain killer in natural medicine.


Tonka Bean effects in Wounds

Tonka bean essential oil is not only effective in pain relief but also used to heal bruises in athletics, open wounds and deep cuts injury faster naturally.

It’s also an homeopathic remedy for cleaning wounds and preventing minor infections in traditional medicine.

Tonka bean essential oil also reduces inflammation of the skin.

If there’s a Snake bite, the application of tonka bean extracted organic oil can bring little relief to the victim and prevent infections before taking the person for medical care.


Tonka bean Soothing effects on Brain

Coumarin food such as tonka bean can also help in increasing the production of serotonin in the human brain without drugs as it gives instant boosts to the serotonin level.

Tonka bean on Blood Pressure and Stroke

Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter which is usually found in blood platelets and serum, and help in constricting the blood vessels.

Thereby, it prevents blood loss, increase vascular resistance, control body temperature as heat is retained.

Since it can control blood pressure, It prevents damages to the brain’s blood vessels, especially rupture and narrowing of the brain blood vessels which can block the supply of blood to the arteries leading to your brain- a quick trigger of stroke.


Tonka bean effects on Thrombosis

Also, it prevents deep vein thrombosis naturally or the risk of embolism can be reduced with regular use of tonka bean extracts.

Furthermore, people suffering from chronic atrial fibrillation can be given cumarin-containing medication.

Thus, thrombi can be suppressed in the atrium of the heart and also reduces the risk of suffering a stroke.


Tonka bean as Aphrodisiacs

Tonka bean is also aphrodisiac as the oil extracted from it can be used in cream and the smell can suddenly arouse your lover and turn him or her on.

The fragrance it produced in perfumes can make your wife or husband get into the mood naturally without drugs or even romance.


Tonka bean as Pest and Insects Repellant

Coumarine is known to be repellant to bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other insects.

Because of the high coumarine value in tonka bean, it can be extracted locally to produce homemade insect spray for homes and for pets just like tea tree oil, peppermint, lavender oil and other natural insects repellants.

Tonka bean essential oil is not just a repulsive to insects but also healthy on the skin when used.

It can be user to protect babies from mosquito bites and prevent ecto parasites on pets like dogs, cats, horses and other domesticated mammals.


Tonka Bean for detoxifying the body

Tonka bean can also help you in getting rid of bacteria from your body naturally and clean the system from germs.

When the fragrance of the tonka bean oil in inhaled, it triggers the body to increase secretions and expel bacteria out of the body through mucous in the nose.

This will also help in removing mucous from the lung passage, detox and clear it from mucous and cough, and also relieving you from asthma.

Tonka bean essential oil is much effective when treating nausea, cough, spasms, tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, asthma and earache.

But it should only be used as instructed by physician and you should inform your doctor before any application of this medicine.


Tonka Bean effects on the Brain

Tonka bean has relaxing effect on the brain. The herbs can help enhancing your mood, making you feel relaxed and happy when you’re worried.

Also, it helps curing excessive sleep (insomnia) and positively affects the gastrointestinal tract.

The tonka bean in aromatherapy.
Tonka bean can be extracted, and a little mix of it with nutmeg can be added to a smoking mixture to clean the lungs for smokers.

little bit of Tonka bean is rubbed off with the nutmeg grater and added to a smoking mixture.

The vanilla aroma and almond aroma as well as a spicy note are particularly effective.


Tonka bean for healthy Hair

Tonka bean is not only used in preventing excessive heat loss from the skin or reducing inflammation and feeling of pain in the skin, it is also antiseptic and used in bath soap to remove germs from the external body.


Tonka bean for Healthy Hair

It can also be applied on the hair to get rid of scalp inflections and inflammations.

It also used in cosmetics industry to produce shampoo and hair oil to protect the scalp and prevent loss of hair as a result of infections.


Tonka bean and scented candles

Similarly, tonka bean is also extracted and used in making scented candles because of the good odor that can make your room really appealing to visitors and loved ones.

As the candle melts, the fragrance spreads across the whole room, creating a relaxing, and romantic environment.