Diabetes type 2 is the commonest type of diabetes, and which can be well managed unlike type 1.

Many people who suffer from type 2 diabetes are adults, and possibly have family members who’re also diabetic.

Although diet and lifestyle can contribute significantly to the risk factors causing diabetes, people with a family record of diabetes often experience low sensitivity to insulin after they clock 50 years of age.

Like I said earlier, diabetes type 2 can be well managed if you talk to your dietitian and adjust your diet plan.

You should also see a fitness expert on the exercises to be taken, so also meeting with a nephrologist to understand how well you’ve managed the condition.

Your nutrition and lifestyle must be adjusted if you’re suffering from this disease as these two are the major factors that trigger this disease.

Diabetes is even classified as a lifestyle disease and it’s increasingly becoming popular globally now.

Presently, there are more report cases of younger ones having diabetes and this is because of the high consumption of junk foods, alcohol, and bad eating routine.

The implications of this disorder can be fatal if we do not address these risk factors.

It may result in poor vision, kidney failure, heart problems, cardiovascular diseases, memory loss, and others.


How to Adjust your Diet to Manage Diabetes

Anything that increases the sugar level of the blood has to be left out from the diet chart.

While most energy serving foods are rich in one form of sugar or the other, there are the best foods and fruits for diabetic patients.

And for this, you need to know something more about the list of foods for diabetics and the ones you should avoid even when you’re very fond of them.

Down below, we have made a printable list of fruit vegetables for diabetics type 1 and type 2 but before talking about the diabetic food chart.

Here’s a list of foods that will keep your sugar level under control and keep you fit.


Foods and Fruits for Diabetic Patients

  • Eating whole-grain flours like wheat flour, but should not be much since gluten protein in wheat is not good for diabetic patient.


  • Whole grains like brown rice, this is far better than white rice, even the parboiled ones.


  • Fresh veggies like greens, spinach, kale, lettuce and those which are rich in fibers are good recommendations. They digest quickly and less in starch.


  • Fresh fruits, sugar-free jams can also be taken. Take fruits with high water contents and nutrients but less sugary like Cucumber, watermelon, garden egg, tangerine.


  • Baked or grilled low-fat meats, skinless chicken, baked or grilled fish, egg white, nuts, white beans, tofu.


  • ¬†Skimmed milk, low-fat yogurt, non-fat sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese, and Low-fat, sugar-free ice cream.


  • Olive oils are the best to be eaten for diabetic patients, margarine, vegetable oils are also good but one should take less fat to avoid overweight because it’s a risk factor to the severe diabetic situations.

Foods Diabetics Should Avoid

Diabetes occurs when the body can not produce enough insulin that will transport the sugar in the bloodstream to the cells that will make use of it or when the insulin produced is not effective enough.

Then, the body will not be able to control the amount of sugar in the blood, which results in diabetes.

Therefore, taking too much sugar and foods that release much sugar in the body can contribute to the low sensitivity of the body to producing insulin, and also overweight, hence the need to control your diet.

If you’re having pre-diabetes or already diagnosed having diabetes, you’re advised not to be taking the following foods as you do before.

White rice and other high starch foods should be taken only once in a while.  Pork and cheese should be avoided.

  • Fried meats, fried fish, and other fried or smoked foods, and even fried snacks like potato chips.


  • Blended coffee with syrup, sugar or whipped cream, Fruit smoothies and regular ice creams.


  • Doughnuts, pastry, bakery sweets.


  • Bananas, peaches, melons and nectarines.


  • Regular sodas, regular beer, fruity blended drinks, dessert wines, energy drinks.

These are a number of the various foods that you need to select from if you’re suffering from diabetes, and the other categories, to restrain from taking them.

Actually, everything depends on your eating habits and lifestyle.

For example, the quantity of these foods you take at a time, the time you take them and the level of activeness to ensure they’re well digested and the energy is used are very important.

As a diabetic patient, you need to be taking water regularly and also do light exercises.

Simply talk to a fitness expert to guide you through the exercise regimen.