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What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

Vitamin therapy is a form of complementary and integrative medicine (CAM) and one way of supplementing a depleted body.

It’s a natural approach that many people see benefits from, especially after bouts of illness, long-term use of certain medications, or if they’re vitamin deficient.

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Typically, however, vitamin therapy comes in the form of a whole food diet or pill.

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Why IV Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy offers a high dose of vitamins to the body for immediate use. How is this more beneficial? By using an IV method, the vitamins and minerals bypass the digestive system that breaks down and processes the nutrients traditionally found in foods and supplements.


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While continuing a whole food, healthy diet is optimal for building up vitamin stores as the body does not make those vitamins available for instant use.

The body also cannot use and break down all the nutrients in supplements and foods, so the body only extracts, stores, and uses a fraction of them. With IV therapy, the body has access and consumes them without waste.


Who Benefits From IV Therapy

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People who are vitamin deficient will see the most gains from IV therapy. However, this treatment is not a cure or a replacement for eating a proper diet when possible.

Certain medical conditions, medications, and treatments leave the body empty and feeling run down.


IV therapy offers not only a therapeutic side effect for these patients, but it also provides the body with the instant-use vitamins it needs to function properly.

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Depletion can occur for any number of reasons. In cases of poor diet, food allergies, other absorption conditions, and intolerances, because of how IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, it allows for optimal absorption of key nutrients the body cannot receive from diet and supplements.


Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can use complementary IV therapy to strengthen their body before, during, and after treatments.

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They might feel lessened side effects and have more energy, which can offer their body a better fighting chance.


Weight-loss surgery patients reap benefits from weekly or bi-weekly IV vitamin therapies.

After surgery, patients find they cannot receive as many nutrients from their healthy diet alone.

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It can take upward of 60 vitamins a day for them to achieve the bare minimum daily allowance. IV therapy gives these patients another choice.


High doses of IV magnesium offers advantages to patients with acute asthma. Doctors can manage high levels of drug toxicity through IV vitamin therapy too.


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Athletes can see a natural boost that adds to their endurance and energy levels, or they can replenish lost electrolytes and avoid dehydration.


Other therapeutic uses for IV vitamin therapy are to rejuvenate skin, prevent or reverse aging, reduce migraines, improve chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia symptoms, general nutrition, combat the flu, and to boost the immune system during or in prevention of sickness.

In naturopathy, some doctors also believe IV vitamin therapy might help prevent disease too.

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Types of IV Vitamin Therapy

The Myers’s cocktail is essentially a multi-vitamin in an IV bag. It is not the only type of IV vitamin therapy, but for general use, it is the most popular. Other forms vary by manufacturer and clinic.


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Some doctors offer personalized vitamin therapy based on the individual patient’s needs and health concerns.

Mixes that revolve around certain patient concerns, such as anti-aging that uses vitamins commonly known for the antioxidants, reparative qualities, and collagen boosting, exist too.



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What to Expect with IV Therapy Treatment

Having IV therapy is no different from having a normal IV line. Trained medical staff insert the needle and hook up the line that administers the IV fluids, including any additives the doctor orders.


Most therapies occur within a clinic or doctor’s office, but some services do offer home visits. Frequency and time varies from clinic and doctor to the patient’s needs. Some patients and conditions require weekly infusions while others need therapy less frequent.


IV therapy might be the extra boost some patients need. The risks involved are minimal since medically trained staff administers the treatments.

As more research completes, healthcare professionals and patients discover the benefits natural medicine offers alone or in conjunction with traditional methods.


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What you Need to Know about IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy

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