The effective ingredients of Shea butter

Shea butter is very rich in essential vitamins and minerals. But also, there are other ingredients that are present in the shea butter which make it a special substance that is suitable as a remedy for certain diseases.

 Important ingredients that are found in Shea butter are:

  • Vitamin E
  • Beta carotene
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Allantoin
  • Oleic acid
  • Stearic acid
  • Linoleic acid
  • Palmitic acid
  • Treterpenes
  • Triterpene alcohol

Each of these ingredients has its own special effect and in the composition, Shea butter is almost a miracle cure. Allantoin for example has anti-inflammatory properties that’s very important in wound healing.

Also for skin diseases and rash, this ingredient can make a big difference. For example, it’s recommended for eczema in any case, but also other skin problems can be treated with the shea butter without further ado.

The shea butter also helps the regeneration and development of cells so that fat is often used means as an anti-aging.

The substances in the shea butter have also grooming on the skin and can be used very well for dry skin. The skin becomes more elastic and smoother.

Also worth mentioning is the natural sunscreen that’s btained through the use of Shea butter.

If you like basking or visit the solarium regularly, you should apply Shea butter before and after it so that the skin can be protected and not losing moisture.

Shea butter is also effective to Slow the aging process. There are so many Celebrities that have given credit to this product for glowing skin and face. This cream is also effective in the reduction of scars.

Areas of application of Shea butter

Shea butter can be versatile in use. Of course, it is widely known that, the shea butter is good for the skin.

What is however less known is that, it is also recommended for use in joint pain . You can rub just the shea butter in the area concerned.


Also for rheumatism, Shea butter is quite recommended. However, the application should be on a regularly basis to achieve the best possible results. But not only people with joint pain and rheumatism will enjoy a massage with Shea butter.


The butter has a very pleasant, sweet smell and by body heat the butter becomes liquid. It’s also good for small children, for healthy and moaurized skin.

In General, you can recommend the application of Shea butter for almost everyone.


Areas of application are for example:

  • Dry and cracked skin
  • Skin problems such as eczema and eczema
  • As an anti-aging product
  • In treating scars
  • Allergies
  • For wound healing
  • For sunburn
  • Against dandruff
  • Dry hair and split ends
  • Joint pain and rheumatism

An application area which is recommended is the lip balm. If you use lipsticks and lip balm, you can also try this natural product and replace your chemical products with this natural product.

Shea butter maintains not only the lips but can also make it shine and the lips are protected from wind and weather.


Shea butter is also an anti-aging product. Indeed, with the regular application of Shea butter, you can promote the blood circulation of the skin and stimulate the regeneration of the cells and without doubt, small wrinkles are smoothed.


A recommendation is to massage the shea butter into your skin easily every morning. It also protect your skin from environmental factors, such as wind and Sun.

The effect of Shea butter is long-lasting, so that you can protect your skin virtually all day with a unique application.

It is a good idea for people that have sensitive skin that do not tolerate certain soaps and bath products to use shea butter and you will enjoy it.

Also, anyone that’s suffering from eczema and other skin diseases can feel a big difference in the use of Shea butter, compared with other bathroom accessories.


Shea butter is also a great natural remedy for hair. Especially who suffers under dry, brittle hair and fights with split ends, can use shea butter very well.

You can make a treatment with Shea butter. You can distribute a tablespoon of butter in your hair especially on the top in the evening before you wash your hair.


Afterwards, you can wrap the head with a cloth and let the butter soak overnight. You can now wash your hair the next day and you will notice the hair is as sleek and shiny.


If you want the hair to interact with the shea butter overnight for better result, you can leave the butter just for 20-30 minutes before washing the hair. This also makes quite a big difference.


The shea butter can be used directly as a cream and you can use it as ingredients for making cosmetic products.

If you’re about buying Shea butter, you should make sure that, this is in its unrefined State and contains the valuable and healing ingredients.


Even if you put forth your own cosmetics, you should not heat the shea butter in order not to kill off these ingredients. Heating the shea butter, you can make this in a water bath at mild heat.


The shea butter melts at about 30 degrees. Excessive heating of Shea butter is not ideal.


For interesting recipes for mixing cosmetics. You can mix the shea butter with other oils, fragrances, and the like.

If you would like to make a massage oil for example, you can mix the shea butter with essential oils, including rose oil.


There’s SOAP, lotions, creams, and hair products that have been enriched with Shea butter.

However, the pure Shea butter is particularly recommended because you can best benefit from the healing effects by applying the organic Shea butter.


By the way, a further and very interesting field of application is the care of domestic animals with Shea butter.

Not only you can use the shea butter for skin diseases, some dog owners massage the shea butter into the paws of their animals in the winter So the paws are protected not only against wind and weather, but also from the road salt, which can have a negative effect on the health of the dog.


Scientific studies

A study which is certainly worth mentioning comes from Japan. It was conducted at the College of science and technology in Tokyo. This study examines whether Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties.


In addition, Shea butter was tried on tumor cells to see whether the butter has an effect.


The study describes the exact ingredients in detail, and conclude at the end that, Shea butter is both anti-inflammatory and has a positive effect on tumour cells. The cells were combated by the use of Shea butter.

When you want to battle with skin diseases, you should look at maybe the study by the U.S. national institutes where they investigated the effect of Shea butter on eczema. The sponsor of this scientific study was Medicus research LLC.


Shea butter has been tested on various patients where the cream was applied two times a day on the affected skin area. The patients were observed during this study.

Of course, Shea butter is not only effective on eczema and other skin diseases as it was observed by the scientists.


The use of Shea butter in another study revolved around the action as a remedy for swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose area.

This study took place in 1975 in Lagos Nigeria. In this study, the shea butter made from fresh seed of the Shea butter plant was used.


The exact procedure is described in the report of the scientists in the study. After the shea butter has been won, 33 subjects were examined.

All subjects complained about swelling of the mucous membrane in conjunction with allergies.


The shea butter has been applied to the nose and within minutes, it could be identified that the subjects went back from the swelling of the mucous membranes and the subjects could breathe normal. This effect lasted for 5-8 hours.

The application was repeated several times using the Shea butter, the subjects without any symptoms were also tested ( 5 subjects) with placebo instead of Shea butter.

In the group with shea butter, a reduction of swelling and an improvement of breathing were noticed.

Some studies deal not only with the efficacy of Shea butter on the human body, but also with the application in animals.

A study which is worth mentioning, also comes from Nigeria. The shea butter was used in skin diseases of animals and could be found, that is a greater health benefit.

Side effects were not found and this product is extremely beneficial to pets such as dogs and cats. They suffer itching more often and it could easily be treated with Shea butter.

To read more about the topic of Shea butter, you should read the article by M. Pobeda and L. Sousselier in any case. It dig deep into the different ingredients and effects of Shea butter. Studies from France from 1990 are given in this article as a guide.

Among other things, the effect on the skin and as an anti-aging product is part on the subjects.

Also talk about the anti-inflammatory ingredients of Shea butter and the safety in which the use of this product is risk-free and recommended.

Shea butter is a safe product even as food, and is therefore often used for the manufacture of chocolate.

However, the use as a remedy is highly recommended and you should use the pure Shea butter here.

Tips and suggestions about the shea butter you need to take into consideration before buying the product.

Firstly, you should know that Shea butter is a very high quality product and should end not only as a skin cream. You can use also in the kitchen as it has a chocolaty, nutty taste.

If you want to buy Shea butter, you should be sure that it is clean and has no other ingredients because only then you can be sure of the healing effect. It should also be free of fragrances and flavours.

They are found in drug stores and of course also in the Internet where you will be able to compare the products as regards the provider and the ingredients.

Shea Butter for Free role playing supplements
Most importantly, if you own shea butter that you bought in an unrefined State. You can see that, it’s very bright and has the advantage of being very long-lasting.

Because it is produced in Africa, it is stable even up to four years. Shea butter has a pleasant scent – it smells like sweet, slightly nutty and, above all, chocolate.

The consistency here is so that you can use them as a substitute in chocolate manufacturing. Shea butter works very well on the hair.

If you have problems with your hair, you should try to treat it with Shea butter. If you do a conditioner with Shea butter, the hair become very soft.

To do this, you should have Unrefined Shea butter in the House – this is then melted in your hand, as it has a melting point, located at about 35-40 degrees.

Then it is rubbed into the hair and soak in for approx. 30 min. Then rinse the hair well after drying the hair has a silky Sheen, the tips of the hair are smoothed and above all, also easy to comb.

Recipes with Shea butter
Because Shea butter is used in many areas, there are also many recipes that go hand in hand with Shea butter.

Especially in the field of cosmetics, you can find oil, face cream and a perfumed body lotion very much – hair treatments, over bath – everything can be found.

A scrub is a very special recipe – 3 lemons here (of course these should be left untreated), 1 kg of sugar, 50 g. Shea butter and approximately 350-300 ml very good oil (possibly jojoba oil).

Then, 3 minutes later, stir up the whole thing and It adheres very long alone by the shea butter. It can be Best stored it in the refrigerator. If you take the peeling shower, you must no longer apply cream then.

Shea butter in cosmetics
Just the cosmetics industry is always on the lookout for good ingredients that not only moisturize the skin but have even the power to smooth out the beginning lines a little.

With Shea butter, it has won here exactly the right product. Many manufacturers use Unrefined Shea butter for the manufacture of lotions, creams and shampoo and scrub.

Shea butter is a natural product which is made today to the large part by hand. The production is a long procedure and is undertaken mainly by women in various African countries.

If you want to buy Shea butter, you should definitely buy only the pure Shea butter. This should be in its unrefined State.

In this way, you can get the best benefit from the healing substances of Shea butter. In the refined State, the shea butter loses a lot of ingredients, which is responsible for the healing effect.

You can see the difference on the color of Shea butter. Unrefined Shea butter is yellowish, while refined Shea butter is white.

Also, you can examine the ingredients on the packaging a little more.

Meanwhile, there are even some cosmetics that are enriched with an extract of Shea butter.

However, the application of pure Shea butter which can definitely be used as cream is recommended.

Of course you can acquire it with Shea butter producing cosmetics. However, you should not heat the shea butter too much so that the major active ingredients are not lost.

If you want to apply the pure Shea butter, you can melt this right in your hand.

This can be applied on the skin which protects this sensitive skin against wind and weather.

But the shea butter can also be used as body lotion and massage oil as it will quickly be liquid in your hand.

The shea butter absorbs quickly into the skin and moisturizes enough. can
apply the shea butter very well on the affected skin area, skin diseases such as, for example, atopic dermatitis or eczema.

Shea butter is a very good natural remedy and has many valuable ingredients.

Also, the butter smells as nutty chocolate and it’s very popular now in western and eastern world.