Jojoba Oil Nutrients

Effective ingredients of jojoba oil

Some of the effects of jojoba oil are much more known. Jojoba oil moisturizes the skin, and is therefore used very much in cosmetics. But the effects of jojoba oil go far beyond these and is quite suitable for use as an alternative remedy.


To understand how jojoba oil really does and what healing effects that can be expected, we should deal with the active ingredients. The following ingredients are included in this precious oil:

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Gadoleic acid (up to 70%)

Erucic acid (up to 15%)

Oleic acid (up to 10%)

Palmitic acid (up to 1%)

Nervoic acid (up to 2%)

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Vitamin E

Vitamin A

Vitamin B


Vitamin A, for example is important for cell growth. The growth of cells is not only stimulated but also regulated. Therefore, jojoba is marketed like as anti-aging product. This vitamin can be used for the strengthening of the immune system.


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This means that, the jojoba oil helps to fight off viruses and bacteria in the Mucous membrane. The bone growth is also positively affected by vitamin A. Furthermore, the vitamin B, which is included in jojoba oil is an important part which can fight various diseases and ailments in the human body.


More so, the application in nervous system disorders is interesting. Problem such as depression can be prevented, stomach and intestinal problems can be improved by taking jojoba oil. Digestion should therefore be stimulated when jojoba oil is taken as a supplement.


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Oral intake is not recommended. The research confirmed that, so far, the seeds of the

simmondsia chinensis plant contains a toxic substance and therefore, should not be taken orally. However, the appetite-suppressing effect in animals was tested in a study and it was found that the animals actually ate less in the end.


Vitamin E is of course very important for your body. This vitamin helps to fight the aging process, but more importantly, vascular deposits can be avoided. It should be noted that, the jojoba oil, deep in the skin absorbs and then actively works from the inside. It is amazing that even the blood flow and blood formation can be improved with jojoba oil.

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Thus, this oil is for prevention of various diseases, especially the ones on the body; you just massage the oil into the relevant parts of your body.


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