Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits for skin

Black cumin seed oil can be used on both animals and man.
It is rich in nutrients that can help both the internal and external organs of the body.
The health benefits of black seed oil for skin can not be overemphasized.
There are testimonials on the effectiveness of organic black seed oil on skin and hair.
The black seed oil is particularly used for skin rashes and skin lightening.
How to use black cumin seeds oil for skin care

Quick Background of the Use of Black Seed Oil

Egyptian black cumin oil was used in ancient times for beauty, to clean, maintain, and prevent skin wrinkles.
The following ingredients are present in the oil which is extracted from the seed of Nigella sativa and are responsible for its health benefits.
  • Beta carotene
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6 also biotin
  • Zinc
Especially in skin diseases, Egyptian black cumin oil is recommended because it regulates the immune system and can alleviate allergic symptoms.
If it’s regularly used over several months, it can continue to improve and possibly curb the symptoms of autoimmune diseases, Eczema, or psoriasis.
More so, the black caraway seed oil with its valuable ingredients can relieve itching on mosquito bites or even sunburns as well as eczema and acne.
Black Seed Oil Benefits for Skin Black seed oil or black cumin seed oil is used interchangeably and found in many cosmetic creams used to improved hair growth and skin lightening.
For skin benefits, the cold-pressed black cumin seed oil should be preferred because of how it is produced.
Like other essential oils, organic processes are very important.
This ensures that the vital minerals and vitamins are not lost during the extraction of the oil from the seed.
The oil can be used to relieve one from symptoms because it has a slight disinfecting effect.
With the regular use of black seed oil, the hormonal balance is regulated.
On the other hand, it helps the regeneration of body cells and has a positive effect on the immune system.
Hence, it can help to prevent skin inflammation and skin acne.
There are clinical findings and reviews that showed that black seed oil works like benzoyl for skin acne, psoriasis, and inflammation.

How to Use Black Seed Oil

Black cumin seed oil can be used as a pill, oil, or gel.
The common dosage form for skincare is oil. The oil can be applied to the skin in the morning and at night.
To keep your skin healthy, put a few drops of oil on your palm and rub it on your skin.
Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll see an improvement in your skin.
Because of its strong flavor, some also prefer to mix it with their cream, massage oil, or other oils.
For many people, there are no side effects but you should use it for the short term only.
However, if you feel you’re allergic to it and experience skin rashes, you should stop using it immediately or consult your doctor for advice.
Due to the healthy ingredients of black cumin seed oil, it is very popular in the cosmetics industry and is used in many skin and hair care products.
You can buy organic black seed oil from any quality health store.
Check the ingredients used and ensure additives are not used since this can affect the quality and the expected results.

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