Safflower is usually extracted industrially to produce edible oil.

The safflower oil is not only ingested, it can be applied externally on the skin and hair.

Due to its rich ingredients in minerals and vitamins, the oil has found its way into many cosmetic products.

Especially products made to improve the skin and hair growth.

Before discussing further the benefits of safflower oil for hair growth, it’s important to know that safflower is not the same as sunflower.

When you see the two online, don’t think it’s a spelling error or they’re being used interchangeably.

Sunflower oil and safflower oil are different, and both are used to enhance beauty.


Benefits of Safflower Oil for Hair

Safflower oil is very rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, although most breeds are rich in Omega-6 acids more.

Due to its high linoleic acid content, it has proven to be helpful in hair care.

Anyone who suffers from dry hair split ends, and hair loss can massage the safflower oil in the hair and the scalp.

Safflower oil can help to make your hair grow naturally again.

It can penetrate your hair shaft and increase glossiness.

Safflower oil may not be the best solution to help to make your hair grow rapidly, but it does help to make it shiner.

Applying safflower oil can help to prevent hair fall, so also taking healthy meal, especially fruits.

Doing this regularly, you can be sure that you get shiny and soft hair.

You can prevent or cure dull hair or hair that often dry or break off quickly.

With safflower oil, you can protect the skin from drying out, and supply the skin with sufficient moisture.


How to Use Safflower for Hair Growth

Before you apply the safflower oil, you should soak your hair for some time (maybe 20-30 minutes) and then wash.
You can wash your hair with mild shampoo, avoid bathing soap or detergent hair.
You will notice a change in the structure of the hair after washing it, then you can massage the safflower oil into the hair.
Do not brush your hair when it’s wet, give it some time.
The hair will absorb the oil after some minutes and you’ll notice the changes.
The hair becomes clean, shiner, healthier and has more volume.
There are tens of essential oils that can help with hair removal and regrowth.
Although this is debatable as some claimed they do not experience any changes after using most of those hair oils.
However, to revitalize your hair and prevent it from quick aging, you should be performing hair treatment.
To save costs on medicines, safflower oil and other oils like grapeseed oil, Lavender oil, Jojoba oil, Tea tree oil, Bergamot Oil, Cedarwood oil and few others can help to maintain healthy hair.
This is one of the natural ways to care for your hair, a sort of home remedy for hair care.
You can mix safflower oil with one or two other essential oils aforementioned and see how it works on your hair.
Try home hair treatment with warm safflower oil, and regain moisture to your hair.