Purchase of Shiitake
If you want to buy Shiitake, you will soon find that the fungus is offered in different dosage forms.
For one, Shiitake can be bought fresh on the weekly market and the fungus can be obtained in powder, tablet or capsule form. When buying Shiitake, however, it is important to pay attention to some aspects.
Especially for rich, tablets or powders it is important that these are made of the extract and not of unconcentrated powder.

Therefore, the purchase of Shiitake should pay close attention to the composition or labelling. Also it makes sense to compare the prices when buying Shiitake. While one kilogram of fresh Shiitake mushrooms costs around 40 euros, tablets and capsules are available for about 25 euro/125 pieces.

If you want to buy dried Shiitake mushrooms, you will find a number of different prices. They range from about 10 to 100 euros per kilo. Of course, the quality must be respected, because some retailers offer Shiitake at inflated prices.

When buying Shiitake the fungus should be juicy and plump. Cracks, dandruff or stains are not bad quality, but rather the typical characteristics. The mushrooms should, of course, be kept in the fridge, loosely wrapped in kitchen paper that Shiitake can breathe.

The fresh Shiitake is preserved in the vegetable compartment at an optimal temperature of 2 to 7 degrees for about 8 to 10 days. If you still want to freeze it, you should only use it frozen and do not thaw!

Dosage of Shiitake
Those who regularly eat Shiitake, whether in fresh, dried or even powder form, can strengthen their immune system. However, Shiitake can also be used for colds or other ailments.

Shiitake in Cold
In case of a flu or a cold, Shiitake powder is highly recommended. The daily dose of 2 grams of powder and 2 grams of extract per day should not be exceeded.
Caution: In the case of a severe virus flu, Shiitake is discouraged because the immune system is often overstimulated.

Shiitake in Arthritis
In addition, arthritis can be alleviated if the Shiitake powder and the extract are combined. While at the beginning of the treatment should be started with 1 gram, the dose can be increased to 4 grams in total after 2 weeks.

Shiitake in Cancer
In a first treatment against cancer, the Shiitake extract is preferable (not for lymphoma and leukemia). The Shiitake treatment should also start at 1 gram per day, which can then be increased to 3 grams. Powder, on the other hand, should be dosed with 3 grams per day and can be increased up to 5 grams daily.

Of course, this information does not replace a doctor. Shiitake cures should always be clarified with a doctor and especially in the case of cancer should under no circumstances be acted on their own.

The dosage recommendations were issued by the company for mushrooms Br.
Shiitake Side Effects
In rare cases, a kind of dermatitis may occur when eating Shiitake. These are extremely itchy welts on arms, legs and neck or even all over the body. This particular type of dermatitis occurs especially in places that are often exposed to ultraviolet light. This hypersensitivity is due to Lentinan, which does not protect against such a reciprocal effect even in the case of complete cooking.

However, the side effects of oral ingestion occur quite rarely. In the case of intravenous treatment, however, severe reactions such as fever, joint pain, muscular rigidity or even a anaphylactic shock can occur.