What is Castor Oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil made from castor beans. The oil is colorless and can be pale yellow depending on the species.

Cator oil has a unique taste and odor and it’s commonly used as a laxative.

It is a natural emollient that can be used to manage several skin infections.

Castor oil is used for glowing face and whitening skin, it can also be used for hair growth and health.


What is Castor Oil made from?

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the Miracle Tree, Ricinus communism, which the Egyptians cultivated over 4000 years ago.

In its native country, India, the miracle tree reaches up to 13 meters in height, and it is known as a shrub plant in subtropical countries.

It is used as a homemade curative and care product, and it is found in many homes of the ancient Indians.


Can Castor oil be really trusted?

While there are thousands of reviews on the health benefits and cosmetic use of castor oil, the oil is only effective when used continuously.

Like much other natural oil, the effect is not instant, making many people not trust the efficacy of this natural laxative and emollient.


What is Castor Oil used for?

Castor oil can induce the muscle cells in the intestines and in pregnant women to induce labor.

These are the classical fields of application in medicine that were already known for ages.

However, today, the application possibilities are now more – castor oil can prevent the growth of tumors and cysts.

It is used against digestive problems and arthritic pain, so also in warts, acne, scars, or age spots.

Castor oil is also used as massage oil with a circulation-enhancing effect.

As cosmetics, organic castor oil can improve hair health, it can be used with Almond oil, Mustard oil, Lemon oil, or Rosemary oil for this purpose.

Organic castor is also suitable for managing brittle hair and lightening the skin.

Since castor oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients, it is also used to improve eyelashes and eyebrows – for beauty and growth.


Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil is used as a Laxative

It can help to manage skin infections and irritation

It is used as a mild sleeping agent

Castor oil works as a mild antidepressants

It helps to detoxify the body

It helps dry skin and keep it moist

Castor oil is edible and can be used against viral or bacterial infections

It helps to make your face glow and fresh

It can help improve dark spots and in skin lightening

It improves poor hair, and help in the growth



Today, castor oil is produced commercially for cosmetic and medical purposes.

India, China, Thailand, Paraguay, and Brazil supply about 80% of the total production.

Castor oil is non-toxic, almost odorless, colorless or slightly yellowish, clear, and viscous.

You should store castor oil at normal room temperature in a brown-tinted bottle or in a dark cupboard.