Oil self-manufacture
Of course it is possible to create the oil itself. Because the positive effect of the Walnussöls is enormous and more and more people are resorting to this excellent oil. Moreover, oil is quite high, which causes many to produce the oil itself.

If you want to make oil yourself, you will naturally need walnuts that are best to be fresh. Especially older nuts have already lost a large part of the unique aroma, which also affects the oil. You also need a blender, a salad sling and bottles of real cork. Real corks have the advantage that the flavors can unfold in these and the oil can continue to ripen properly.

How to make oil yourself
1. The fresh walnuts must be cracked first so that they can dry on a spread cloth for about four weeks.

2. After four weeks, pour the walnuts into the blender and mash until a pulp has been formed.

3. Now put the walnut pulp into the lettuce sling and hurl it. This is of course very tiring and requires a lot of muscular strength. Is good if you can alternate with another person.

4. Gradually, liquid is disappearing when spinning, which must be filled with a sieve in bottles after spinning. The remaining granular excess, which remains in the lettuce sling, is disposed of.

5. After the liquid has been bottled and sealed with the cork, it is still a long time no oil. Because now it has to ripen.

6. The oil must now be kept in a warm place at about 20 °c for about four weeks. It must not be shaken, rotated or otherwise moved. The oil just has to rest! When it is moved, bitter substances are released and the oil is no longer suitable for refining food.

7. After four weeks has become oil from the liquid and it can be used for cooking as well as for skin care.

The oil is stored in the refrigerator for several months. A bottle that is not open can even be preserved for several years.
The oil self-manufacture is not so heavy and the advantage is that it is longer durable. Nevertheless, it is a force-and also time-consuming and therefore most people resort to the oil in trade.