what is cannabis wax and how the concentrate is made

Just when you think there are no new ways of making cannabis products, there’s a new one you haven’t heard of yet.

Cannabis wax can be used for dabbing- the process of inhaling sticky oils or waxes through a dab rig. You can also sprinkle the marijuana wax into your joint.

But before many people are willing to give it a try, they want to know how it’s made.


How Cannabis Wax is Different

Using wax can be a lot more potent than simply smoking marijuana leaves. The very process of making the wax can result in a more potent concentration of THC, from 75% to 90% or more.

Obviously this can result in a stronger and more potent high. Cannabis wax has a bright yellow color and can also be known as BHO or Butane Hash Oil.

If you’re using your wax in a dab rig, the high can be achieved instantaneously. This can be good news for those who are using medical marijuana to manage health conditions, and can’t wait for it to kick in through the slow digestive process of edibles.

Cannabis wax can also be considerably higher in price. People may be tempted to make their own, but this can be dangerous, as it involves a stable and controlled environment with a chemical hood.

Licensed makers of cannabis wax are experienced in making the wax in a controlled and safe environment.

what is cannabis wax and how the concentrate is made

How is Marijuana Wax Concentrate Made?

To start making the cannabis wax, the marijuana buds are first packed into tubes.

The tubes are then blasted with butane. This process has the result of extracting the hash oil.

In order to be safe for the cannabis wax user, the butane must be evaporated before it can be sold or consumed.

In the final part of the process, the oils are then purged with heat. This results in a gooey yellow substance that looks and feels a lot like wax.

It’s far better to buy your wax from reputable dispensaries then to attempt making it at home.

Besides working with flammable materials, you also need proper ventilation.

There is the hazard of a chemical explosion that can affect the safety of your family.

Even your household insurance provider may not provide coverage for making controlled substances at home and could open you up to lawsuits.


Where Can You Buy Wax?

Even though wax is a relatively new way of cannabis usage you should be able to find recreational waxes at most dispensaries.

There are also a variety of different waxes available for consumption. There are waxes made from different strains and that have differing concentrations. You may have to try a few to find which is best for you.

Cannabis waxes also cost a lot more than other cannabis products as there is a higher concentration of beneficial chemicals in it.



It’s important to understand the process of how cannabis wax is made, as well as to buy it from qualified dispensaries.

You want to protect the safety of your health while enjoying the beneficial properties you can gain from the cannabis wax.