Castor Oil Uses Benefits

Application and effect of castor oil

As a skin care agent, castor oil works almost wonders: it smoothes and moisturizes, draws intensely, protects and promotes collagen production: the skin becomes softer, wrinkles smooth. Less known is that Skin lesions of all kinds heal faster when treated with castor oil.

Apparently, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect: acne and skin irritation sound like this, the same applies to ringworm.
In addition, castor oil can be placed on a sore or wound body as a compress or a pad.

The oil should be warm and kept warm with a hot water bottle. Only a few people have itching, burning or discomfort, which shortens the duration of the application accordingly. Normally, regular long-term applications are also possible.

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People with sensitive stomachs or women who suffer from severe menstrual bleeding or who are pregnant should also refrain from using castor oil on the outside.

Among the laxatives, castor oil is still the most well-known and ranks fourth in addition to drugs such as Dulcolax or Lefax, Glauber or special teas. Those who often suffer from unpleasant constipation with an uprooted stomach and fullness feeling should, however, be constantly and exclusively with laxatives against it, but the possible causes can be clarified by the doctor. In the longer term, chronic constipation usually helps to change the way of life and nutrition as well as a sufficient hydration.

Castor oil plays an important role today in detoxification measures of the body, for example before the onset of a fasting. Many physicians and naturopaths assume that diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Green star or Parkinson’s are due to environmental toxins and heavy metals stored in the body.

Even if a dramatic illness does not always occur: environmental toxins in the organism weaken the immune system and impair the general condition. In case of insomnia, depression, digestive problems, cravings or many allergic symptoms, there is a suspicion of overloading with environmental toxins, residues of medications, often even an infestation with candida fungus or intestinal parasites. Systematic discharges and colon cleansing then contribute to becoming vital and balanced again.

The laxative and detoxifying effect of castor oil is not directly triggered by the ingredients, but by activating certain processes in the body and forming the body’s own substances. For this, castor oil can be used quietly more often, a “desensitization” does not take place.

Like all fats and oils, castor oil is also split in the duodenum. In the wall a hormone is formed, which enters the bloodstream and from there the pancreas and gall bladder activated. In turn, the secretion formed allows the digestion and splitting of the oil in fatty and oleic acids and glycerin.

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In the digestion of castor oil,
Acid. This releases natural histamines that move the entire bowel muscles: the intestinal content is accelerated from the body.
In addition, toxins, heavy metals or residues of drugs are deposited in the liver into the duodenum. In contrast to other fatty acids, the acid prevents the reuptake of these undesirable substances by the wall. Instead, they are eliminated with the rest of the bowel content.

In this special fat splitting process, the prostaglandin synthesis is also set in motion. In both the muscle cells of the intestine and the uterus, G-protein-coupled receptors are known as EP3, which are addressed in this process, intestinal musculature or uterine contract.

Only in May 2012 was the described effect of castor oil in the context of the already mentioned research project of the Max Planck Society for the Promotion of science E. V., finally on the trail.

Counter-indications for the use of castor oil are blocked liver gears, gallstones, colitis, certain thyroid diseases and the ingestion of antihistamines: in all these cases, drastic side effects can occur. Applied in practice and with appropriate care, castor oil, however, has proven to be a laxative even in the treatment of children and has a rather mild effect.

Stronger reactions to castor oil can also depend on which and how many toxins get into the duodenum in the application of liver and gallbladder: the more toxins to “dispose”, the more violent or laborious the laxative process. The prostaglandin synthesis is also dependent on the elimination of very specific toxins – which is precisely what it is, remains to be investigated.
Ingredient materials

Our recommendation
The seed yield for the extraction of castor oil depends on the climate and the fertility of the plant. The cores or seeds inside the castor fruit contain up to 50% oil and often over 20% proteins. A total of 3% consists of the highly toxic protein ricin, a maximum of 1.5% from the pyridine-alkaloid Ricinin, which also acts highly toxic, additionally a strong allergen, known as CB-1a.

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But the toxins and the allergen do not get into the oil during the cold pressing, but remain in the press cake. This in turn is heated to destroy the toxic protein structures. Therefore, residues from the pressure can be safely used as animal feed.

The pure cold-pressed castor oil consists predominantly, namely up to 85%, from the triglyceride of the acid, also known as Triricinolein, which is released during the splitting in the tract also again.

Other glycerine are made from various other fatty acids:
Linoleic acid, about 4.2%, 3% oleic acid, 1% palmitic, besides low amounts of stearic acid, Dihydroxystearinsäure, linolenic, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, and Eicosensäure, also known as Gadoleinsäure. The water content is a maximum of 3%, the percentage of free fatty acids below 1%.

Impurities are negligible in high-quality castor oil. The actual active ingredient in castor oil is actually the acid, which in turn triggers the already described “chain reaction” in the twelve-finger intestine.

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Taking and recipes
In the case of external ingestion or for conditions, the amount of oil is adjusted to the requirements. It becomes more complicated when using castor oil as a laxative or detoxification agent. In principle, it is advisable to start with a small dose, about 15 ml in an adult, with a child with 5 ml and to determine the tolerability.

Gradually, the dose is increased to up to 60 ml in adults, to about 10 ml in children. To avoid nausea, the oil should be taken on an empty stomach.

Because the taste is not always pleasant, it helps either abundant saliva – already the active ingredients acid and glycerine already split – or you mix the dose with warm milk or hot coffee. Cold fruit juice is also suitable for better swallowing. A hot water bottle supports gall secretion after ingestion. High-percentage alcohol, as often recommended, reduces the effect.

A too frequent use of laxatives, also of natural castor oil, brings the electrolyte and mineral balance of the organism out of balance and leaches more potassium and water. This intensifies existing digestive problems. Therefore it is advisable to use castor oil for laxative purposes at reasonable intervals.

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The more toxins are eliminated, the more strongly the reaction to the castor oil will be. Also, therefore, taking as a laxative should always start with the lowest dose.

Benefits at a Glance
Physicians use castor oil as part of Wehencocktails. In the long-term treatment of intestinal problems or in order to perform targeted detoxification of the organism, medical accompaniment is also advised to avoid side effects or violent reactions to the castor oil and to exclude certain counter-indications.

As a home remedy, castor oil is particularly suitable for cosmetic purposes or for envelopes and conditions. Correctly applied, it is a mild but effective laxative even in children from 10 years.
Castor oil has many good qualities.

It Cures skin irritation and skin lesions of all kinds,
Provides the skin with caring moisture,
is a probate care product for brittle, dry hair,
Helps detoxify the body: in this way, it often brings allergic symptoms to decay or disappearance, relieves viral or bacterial infections, prevents gallstones, improves general condition, acts like a mild sleeping agent or antidepressant.

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