Grape Seed Extract
More and more people are reminding themselves on the natural and want to do good for their health. They dispense with numerous products of the cosmetics industry and fall back on medicinal plants and natural products.

The grape seed extract is also one of these natural products and takes on an increasing importance. This is because the well-known antioxidant OPC is present in large quantities in the grape seed extract.

This not only strengthens the blood vessels, but also helps in the detoxification of the body. But eye health is also supported by grape seed extract and can even be used as a beauty treatment. Grape seed extract is an all-rounder and can help and support many ailments. And that’s what makes him so popular.

Production of grape Seed extract
The seeds of the grape were a waste product of wine production for many years. But today one knows more and and from them the valuable grape seed extract is now extracted. This is because the scientist Dr. Jack Masqueliert showed that in the waste products, i.e. the nuclei, there is a very potent antioxidant and that it has a positive effect on the body.

OPC can be extracted with alcohol and water excellently from the grape seeds. It is of course advisable not to use chemicals in the extraction process. Only in a gentle process it is certain that there are no chemical residues in the grape seed extract. After extraction and drying, this extract is obtained, which contains up to 40 percent OPC.

Already in the year 1947, the researcher found out that the large proportion of Flavonolen in Canadian plants was included. So he also stumbled upon the Extakt of the grape seeds and was able to find a way to extract these flavonols from the plants. Three years later, the OPC was approved as a medicinal product in France.

The OPC (oligomers procyanidins) is found among other things in the bark of coastal pines and in the cores of the grapes. But even in red wine it is included a small part of OPC. However, you would have to drink about 2 litres of red wine every day so that the included OPC can have a positive effect on the body. For this reason, it is definitely a good idea to take an OPC capsule every day.

In particular, the OPC capsules have a particularly high proportion of natural antioxidants and are ideal for taking. They can be easily taken over a long period of time and are well tolerated. In addition, the OPC capsules are free of gluten and lactose and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers very well.

Studies on Grape Seed extract
Countless studies have already been carried out on grape seed extract, all of which have been positive. For some, the effect is evidenced by different studies, while others have to follow up on further trials in order to be able to prove the effect clearly. Nevertheless, OPC is a useful tool that is already being used not only in alternative medicine today.

For example, when examining various natural products, the grape seed extract can have a positive effect on hair growth
. This was also described extensively in this investigation.
In this investigation, the functionality and the biochemical composition are illuminated. This shows that grape seed extract contains numerous important active substances that contribute to the healthy posture of the body.

In this study, mice were tested to see how the grape seed extract affects cancer. In mice with colorectal cancer, it was already possible to determine after 8 weeks that the tumor was well 40 percent smaller. This shows that grape seed extract can have an excellent effect on tumor growth in colorectal cancer. But further studies also have to follow.
This investigation also shows that OPC would be a way of supporting cancer.

Grape seed extract is an excellent means not only for skin and hair, but also for many ailments it can relieve the symptoms or even make them disappear altogether. For this reason, this herbal remedy should not be dispensed with if you want to do something good for your health.

Above all, it can also promote wound healing and is therefore already applied a few weeks before surgery. This way the cells can be better regenerated, germs and bacteria are killed and a quick wound healing is no longer in the way.

In addition, OPC is a strong antioxidant, absorbs free radicals and is indispensable for anti-aging treatment if premature ageing of the skin is to be prevented. Grape seed extract increases the protection of the skin against harmful UV rays and thus can make an important contribution against the aging of the skin.

Furthermore, some studies have shown that there is a growing inhibition of tumours in various types of cancer, and thus it could be used to support cancer therapy.

But also the cholesterol level can be kept in equilibrium with the grape seed extract, which continues to ensure that diseases of the cardiovascular system can be prevented.
Grape seed extract is an important help in the healthy posture of the body, can relieve symptoms, avoid allergies and thus support the body.