About Sweetie Apples

Sweetie apples are a variety of apple that blends the best of Royal Gala apples and Braeburn apples.

Sweetie apples taste very sweet, with a hint of spiciness, and are low in acidity. The skin is lightly blushed in color and the flesh is firm, crisp, but succulent.

Underneath the skin, the flesh is aqueous, light yellow, and a bit coarse, and has brown-black seeds that are encased in small central cores.

The Sweetie apple was developed in New Zealand, but it’s widely grown in Asia, Europe and America today through selected growers.


Description of sweetie apples

The tree produces medium to large-sized apples with 10 centimeters in diameter when picked at random.

The Sweetie apple has shape that ranges from elongated, conical to oval shape.

This crisp and juicy apple is one of the sweetest varieties of apple and It’s characterized by its semi-smooth, crisp flesh, taut, and chewy skin.

It also has red-yellow, yellow-green hue skin that has a touch of bright red-blush and yellow lenticel.

Sweetie apple has a very sweet, subtly spiced taste, but mild flavor. You would just feel like you’re taking water.


Sweetie apples Nutrition

Sweetie apples are a variety of fruit that is rich in fiber and vitamins like Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

The abundance of natural antioxidants helps to regulate digestion and boost the immune system.

When Sweetie apples are consumed regularly, they can help boost collagen production and can as well fight inflammation in the skin.

A Sweetie apple has low acidity and thus can lower the chance of acid reflux and heartburn. Not to mention, they taste delicious!


Where to buy sweetie apples

Sweetie apples are cultivated by selected growers, and marketing is well controlled, therefore, you can not find it readily available in every local food and fruit store.

An easy way to get Sweetie apple is to order online from a grocery store that offers a wide variety of products and timely delivery, like instacart.

You can get your fruits in a couple of hours or at most in a day depending on your location.

Most Instacart shoppers get their orders delivered to them the same day.

Download the Instacart app and fill your cart with organic Sweetie apples now. It’s easier than you thought!

You can also order bags of Sweetie apples or boxes, so you can store your apples for a long period or cook up apple sauce to store for later.


How to eat Sweetie apples

Sweetie apples are edible, very sweet and best taken raw when they’re fresh.

Eating sweetie apples fresh means you’ll enjoy their crisp flesh and sweet flavor better than when it has been stored for months.

You can also juice your apples, keeping the fresh beverage in the refrigerator to serve cold.

Or blend them into applesauce and season them with aromatics or add it to your oatmeal, crepes, or waffles.

Sweetie apples also go well with nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, walnuts etc when making bread, cakes, muffins, and other desserts.

How can you Harvest sweetie Apples

If you’re harvesting your sweetie apples for the family consumption, just cup few sweetie apples and twist it with your palm, if it falls from the stalk, then it’s ripe.

If the apples also fall from the tree on their own during the harvesting period, then it’s ripe and ready for consumption.


How to store Sweetie apples

To keep your Sweetie apples fresh, consider the proper types of storage. The first is temporary when you just want to keep your apples for 1 to 3 weeks because you cannot eat your grocery delivery all at once.

In this situation, put the apples in a paper bag and place them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Apples can last up to 2 weeks this way.

A longer-term storage method is to keep the apples in boxes that are lined with foil or plastic.

Sweetie apples are best stored this way in 30 to 32 degrees F, for a maximum of 6 months.

If stored at a higher temperature, like 60 degrees F, they will ripen faster and rot in 4 months.

You should first sort the apples according to size and quality and remove or consume the poor-quality Sweetie apples.

Avoid freezing your apples unless you’ve cooked them first. You can also dry or can sweetie apples to enjoy them well after the fresh fruit season has passed.