How to use Guarana for health: Dosage, Cautions and Side effects

Guarana plant, especially the fruit and the seeds are known for several health benefits. The guarana seed and fruit have a wide range of dosage forms.

The seeds are often processed into powder, capsules, and pills for medicinal use. it can as well be processed into energy drinks which serve as a stimulant and dietary supplement.

The guarana-made drink is used for mental energy since it has caffeine, however, guarana is not the same with caffeine, but the seed as twice caffeine content than coffee seed.


How to Use Guarana Extracts

Depending on the cultivation of the guarana plant, the yield, and the extraction, you can have between 10 to 75mg in a gram of Guarana.

This is the reason people often think that taking guarana is much like taking caffeine, but there is nothing to worry about.

Usually, about three or four grams of Guarana can be taken daily as antioxidants, antimicrobial every day to help to fight harmful bacteria, increasing blood flow and prevent conditions like heart palpitations, nervousness or insomnia.

If you are buying Guarana products, it is very important to read the leaflet well to understand how the product is made since two different Guarana powder or the same gram may not have equal potency.

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For this reason, care should be taken when purchasing guarana and it’s important to read the information on the package leaflet or the label because the caffeine content on the packaging should be specified.

Also, there may be a certain dependency on coffee. Is there anyone that consumed Guarana or coffee for a long time, you can experience mild symptoms after discontinuing these products.


Guarana Tea Dosage

If you’re taking the guarana tea for energy and healing, one teaspoon of Guarana powder is okay to have a stimulating effect. You can douse the tea bag into 250 ml of boiling water and leave for a few minutes before taking it.


Guarana Capsules Dosage

Guarana extracts are not usually advised to be taken as a home remedy without a doctor’s prescription because of its misuse. If you’re taking the capsule, kindly follow the doctor’s recommended dosage. And for home use, I advise you to follow the recommendation of the manufacturer on the package.

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The capsules or pills with the Guarana extract should be taken with enough water. Since Guarana somewhat suppresses the hunger and thirst, make sure you always eat enough food.

How to Buy Guarana

Guarana can be purchased in pharmacies, health food stores, as well as some
sort of drug store. However, the selection in local stores is usually very limited and it’s difficult to get the stimulant product of the Guarana.

Buying online also has much more to offer since the variety of products can be found. But, you still need to buy from a reputable store and seller to get a high-quality product.



Just like many other products, some specific populations may have to avoid using it due to their conditions. For guarana, pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to avoid taking guarana.

Some other populations or category of people who should also avoid Guarana seed extracts, fruit or its tea are people who suffer from chronic headaches.

Similarly, people who are already on blood-thinning drugs or people suffering high blood pressure should not consume Guarana products or pills.

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Guarana Side Effects

When you take high amounts of it within a short period, it results in side effects and caffeine poisoning. Guarana contains lots of caffeine and anyone that enjoys this so much usually worry about side effects.

Therefore, you should take Guarana in moderation and the right dosage. Also, whenever you’re on guarana products, you should endeavor to take lots of water to lower the caffeine effects in the body system.

If a high dose is used, some side effects that are likely going to occur are the following:

  • Tremble
  • Head pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Increased irritability
  • Muscle pain
  • Tachycardia

However, if you take the right dosage and less than 700 mg of Guarana per day, you’ll be safe from any form of side effects.



Guarana is unbeatable as a stimulant if you don’t misuse or overuse it. Also, the powder is a very good alternative to coffee if you don’t like to drinking coffee, probably because you’re allergic to it.

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