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According to the new findings by Pew Research, almost 8 out of every American prefer to go online for their shopping and this translate to about 80% of the consumers.

What this means is that more people are finding it more comfortable buying products online.

This has led to more online retailers springing up to make shopping from consumers to wholesalers easy.

But as we know retailers would make profit by adding to the price, Yea! This is where the cashback concept is killing this high cost of purchasing products.

Instead of buying at higher price, you’ll buy at lower price with cashback sites, sometimes, lower or equal to the wholesale’s price despite not making bulk purchase.


How Jewel Cashback site workGetting moneyback from your purchase on

How does cashback site like JEWEL¬† works so much for you if you shop men or women’s products, shoes and accessories, health and beauty products etc?

Instead of going a way of finding retailer to buy products from, you visit JEWEL site, sign up in few seconds or login if you’ve already signed up.

You can now check hundreds of retailers, click though and purchase from their site while you earn back from your spending and get payed by JEWEL.

JEWEL customers earn paybacks on luxury products and you get to find hundreds of premium brands who are top leaders in their respective industries.


What are the standouts of JEWEL cashback system

JEWEL cashback online shopping site offers rewards like ebates where you get money back for shopping your fashion and beauty products.

Go to any of the categories : men, women, Athleisure, health and beauty, shoe and accessories, lifestyle or travel or click all brands.

Long list of retailers with their products would be displayed and you can now filter by selecting the retailer and goods with the highest cashback which is up to 60% paybacks.

You can also sort by popularity, name or percentage of earning boost offered by JEWEL which could be more than 5%.

This is an additional benefits of using JEWEL cashback site.

Once you click on a retailer, the description of what the business is about would be displayed and you also get instruction on how to make your purchase.

Before you’re redirected to the retailer’s shop, your cashback rate would also be shown in pop-up and you get exactly what you’re told, no trick, no bullshit.


How is the money making working for all parties?

Do you wonder why these big companies offer JEWEL’S customers free money and how the cashback sites make money?

This is simple, these companies pay huge commission to JEWEL for referring people to purchase their products.

In order to beat the multitude of the retailers out there, JEWEL now share the commission received with you and here, you get the most earnings without doing any work.

Other retailers would ordinarily hire people to market their shops, offer affiliates and pay peny to them.

However, you can still earn more from usejewel when you’re not buying any product.


How can you earn much more?

Simply tell friends about JEWEL and refer them using your unique affiliate code.

Here you earn $5 for each referred friend and for qualified referred person, you earn more.

These are people who have earned at least $10 in cashback.

You can see clicks, friends who have signed up using your referral link and qualified person on your dashboard.Making money from cashback site made easy

Why do people like to use JEWEL for their luxury shopping

Unlike some other cashback sites, you don’t need to send verification note of purchase to JEWEL before you’re payed.

The retailer will verify the payment and send the order details for JEWEL, usually within 8 business days.

Your order will appear on your JEWEL account and if don’t see anything after two weeks, you should contact JEWEL and they will sort this out for you promptly.

Some of the reasons your payment may not come easily is if your payment is pending in your account.

This means the retailer may offer much weeks in their return policy and they will make sure the item can not be returned before they pay you.

It can also be that there’s change in terms and the item is no more eligible for cashback.

Without these issues, JEWEL would pay you when you’ve earned at least $15 dollars and it’s confirmed in your account.

Payment is made every two months. Your accrued earnings confirmed and other bonuses would be added and paid to your PayPal account or through check.

If you shop luxury products, you would discover there are not much cashback sites specifically designed for these kinds of products, here JEWEL offer you nice experience earning from your shopping.