How to make your happy hour colorful and rewarding for you and your patronage

Happy hour is a term used to describe a magical period right after work but before the night sets in.

Restaurants and bars alike host a happy hour to build sales during the slow period of the day, to create a buzz for their establishment, and to generate loyalty from repeat business among other reasons.

If you are looking to create the most buzzing happy hour in town, below are some ideas you could incorporate.

An awesome happy hour food and drink menu
Without an attractive happy hour menu, there is little you can do to convert first-timers into regulars.

A happy hour menu should have attractive low prices. The special discounts customers get is the main attraction for most customers.

People will keep coming back if they feel they are getting the best deal in town.

Have a signature cocktail that shows off your bar’s personality.

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You could try to integrate your culture and brand in the contents of the cocktail. Better yet you can add your bar’s name to the drink, and you can expect your reputation to spread like wildfire.

Right timing
Typically, your targeted audience for happy hour are professionals leaving work.

Poor scheduling of your happy hour could mean you have no customers in your bar. If you happy hour starts before 5 PM and ends before 7 PM, potential customers will assume that you do not want to have a true happy hour.

You could consider a late night happy hour. To be unique, you could try having an all-day happy hour especially on Monday’s.

Create the right vibe
Potential customers are attracted by what they see, and that is what entices them to come into your bar. Creating the right vibe can have a huge effect on drawing them in for happy hour promotions.

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Some simple things you could do is have a beer garden. When passer-by see how much fun others are happing in your bar, they will be drawn to go in.

For customers to enjoy a true happy hour, they should feel like they are in a local.

You could try and hand art from local artists on your walls.

Entertainment during happy hour
To offer the best entertainment to your customers, you need to know your audience.

Play some good music to create the mood at the restaurant or bar, but it should be music that your targeted audience entertained.

Other than good music you should consider hosting karaoke nights or dance competitions which could prove a great success and defining factor for your bar.

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Hosting a happy hour that no one knows about is a recipe for disaster. You have to market your happy hour online or by passing out fliers.

While word of mouth is the best marketing, you should really do something extra.

Online advertising, social media, an ad in the local paper, and fliers are just a few of the ways to get the word out.

For your happy hours to be successful you need to be consistent over time. The drink specials should have the same price without raising the prices.

With this tips above you are all set to make your happy hour a success.




David Brown is an ex-line cook who’s turned to tech back in 1999 – He loves helping companies find smarter, brighter ways to inject tech into everyday problems in the kitchen.

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