What are Rome beauty Apples?

Rome beauty apple is a popular variety of apple that was bred in the US and it’s now cultivated across the globe.

It was first seen to be grown on the banks of Ohio river in Rome township in Ohio. It was initially named after the family name of the boy that first cultivated it – Gillett’s seedling, but later renamed as Rome apple in honor of the town.

It is rounded in shape, red in color, has thick skin, and glossy. It does not have much flavor, not really sweet, tart or flashy when compared to other varieties, hence it’s not the favorite of most apple eaters.

The flavor of Rome beauty apples is enhanced when cooked, and it holds its shape well when cooked.

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How to eat Rome beauty apples

Rome beauty apples are edible but not sweet and has a subtle flavor, therefore, it’s mostly used for baking, and cooking.

It is also well suited for frying, and roasting. You can also chop your Rome beauty apples and add to quiche or roast with fish, meat, carrot or potato.

You can dice them and add to your pancake batter or as a filling for tarts.

You can also slow-cook Rome apples and puree it to make sauces or soups, or slice them, fry and serve as a side dish.

Since the flesh holds up well in baking, it’s good for use in bread making, baking meat pies, and cookies.

Rome beauty apple becomes sweeter and rich when cooked or used in baking than when eaten fresh.

If you love making homemade foods and some cookies with apple, Rome beauty apple is a good fit, the round shape will not change as much even when hollowed and baked.

Rome beauty apple is regarded as the Queen of the baking apples and it’s good for the following recipes.

  • Cinnamon apple cake
  • Apple compote
  • Rum raisin apple cake
  • Chicken Asian salad
  • Puff pastry apple purses
  • Peach-Apple fruit tart

Rome beauty apples also pair well with  Italian sausage, pecans, pork chops, currants, and maple syrup.


How best to store Rome beauty apples

Apples generally are stored in a cool, dry, and dark place, and can remain edible and healthy for a couple of month.

How good your Rome apples remain in storage starts from picking fresh produce from your grocery store.

Select the best out of your order for storage, preferably, apples that still have firm and thick skin.

Rome beauty apples are best stored in between 28°F  to 35°F in a humid environment.

A lower temperature will make them freeze and most of it will turn to mush when they’re thawed.

You can store it in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator and covered it with damp paper towel or put them in perforated plastic bags before putting it in the refrigerator.


Do Rome beauty apples make good applesauce?

Of course yes, most expert chefs believe that using different varieties of apples is the best for applesauce.

You can combine a very sweet apple, soft apple, strong-flavor apple together. For example, a mix of Rome beauty apple with Gravenstein, winter banana, Cortland varieties can make your applesauce special.


Nutritional value of Rome beauty apples

Rome beauty apples are rich in soluble fiber, therefore, it can be easily digested and add up to your energy bank.

100 grams of Rome beauty apples has about 60 calories. It contain zinc, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B-6 and B-12, niacin, pantothenic acid , vitamin A, iron, and boron.