Why you should visit the dentist for whiter teeth

There are several studies with positive correlation between oral health and the overall health, and that people with white teeth easily want to smile and help in their interpersonal interactions with others.

Studies have also shown that a white teeth and beautiful smile have a great impact on first impression when you first meet people.

Why you should visit the dentist for whiter teeth

In fact, there’s no doubt that it can boost your ego.

Young and old, people always want to have whiter teeth but few could take the proper step by visiting a reputable dentist for guidance and teeth treatment.


Tooth bleaching at home vs in the dentist’s office

Self medication and home remedies are what people always resolve to, taking gels that contain hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide and other bleaching agents.

Although there’s clear difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching but the majority of those that want whiter teeth tend to go bleaching their teeth without taking into consideration the likely side effects.


Side effects of bleaching your tooth without dentist’s guidance

For example, the active ingredients in whitening gels used at home could react chemically with the dyes of the enamel, change its colour, and demineralize it.

Teeth bleaching without special care from the dentist may result to more teeth sensitivity, making you to lose your appetite in eating and taking water because of this.

You may also experience irritated gums. Gingival irritation, this usually occurs because of the reaction between the teeth bleaching agents and your gum.

There is also possibility of damaging your tooth nerves and could result to tooth decay.

This could lead to more severe problem if care is not taking since there’s low probability that the affected tooth would recover according to past scientific studies on this matter.

Recently, scientists at Ohio state university have observed that tooth enamel usually loses hardness and modulus of elasticity after tooth whitening products are applied.

This reduces the capacity of the the tooth surface to regress after force.

Others are Sore throat and temporary flashes of pain in your teeth.


What’s the proper way to whiten your teeth?

The first thing is to made this known to your dentist. He will now suggest how you should go about it.

Sometimes, the doctor can administer products for you to be using with regular check up and he could also dispense products for you to be using on your own at home.

For whichever method the dentist chooses, there must be some considerations which are in line with what you intend to achieve.

For example, the type of teeth discoloration you’re having, your dental health, age, treatment method and your budget.

All these are very important in planning your teeth whitening.

Having this information, your doctor would be able to recommend a treatment plan that best suit your condition.

You will also be told what to expect and how to get prepared. For example, it takes different periods of time to whiten your teeth depending on the conditions aforementioned.

Even though you can replicate the treatment procedures of the dentist, there’s big difference between professional teeth whitening and you doing it on your own without the dentist’s consent.

The little care the dentist would take would make the difference and the impact in the result achieved.

In professional teeth whitening, the dentist would ensure the bleaching agents are used directly on the tooth/teeth and protect the tooth environment so as to avoid damage to other parts of the tooth.

He would also use concentrated ingredients, therefore the bleaching can be done in one session which lasts for just few hours.

If you’re to self medicate based on the dentist’s prescription, you’ll get the necessary materials dispensed right from his office.

Sometimes, you have to fill a rail made with bleach gel and wear it for few weeks.

If you’re having decayed tooth and you want to bleach it to enhance your beauty, it’s important you complete the whole bleaching process in the clinic.


Since the doctor would have to open the dead tooth and put in their cotton bud that’s already soaked with bleaching solutions for few days, special care is needed.

It will now bleach the tooth and after a result is achieved, the cavity would be closed with a tooth-colored fillings.