How to Make Almond Flour, Cake, Pizza, Muffins Recipes & Nutrition

Almond flour is not only a healthy alternative to wheat or wheat flour but offers much more.

Because the nutrient content of almond flour can be really seen above all.

For one, the flour provides a very pleasant aroma and on the other hand, it’s full of iron, magnesium, and potassium also.

Especially for people with celiac disease, the almond flour is very valuable, because it is gluten-free and makes a low-carbohydrate diet.

People who are suffering from a food intolerance on baked goods can cook and bake almond flour with good recipes to make a good meal.

Almond flour is also rich in simple and often unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and minerals.

The protein content in almond flour is not just low and with 20 to 36 grams per 100 grams of flour in the top pane.


How do I make almond flour?

Usually, the almond flour is a product of the almond.

The cake resulting from the oil production, are then ground, to produce low-fat almond flour but the almond flour can be made from ground almonds.

There are also several ways to make the almond flour. The almonds are ground with shell or no shell.

The grind, as well as the consistency, can greatly vary and be different from packaging to packaging.

If you would like to bake with almond flour, you will quickly discover this, that the manufacture of flour affects also the fallback behavior.

In addition, the nutritional content may vary. It is usually so, that the almond flour which was ground with the shell has higher nutrient content as also the butter almond flour.

Also, it’s Protein is 16 grams higher than blanched flour.

While the butter-flour is more ideal for baked goods, which should be dry, because the fat percentage is very low, butter almond flour for juicy baked goods such as muffins is not suitable.

However, the aroma is equal in all type of almond flour.

Depending on the recipe, you can purchase almond oil butter or varieties or you Make almond flour yourself and it can.

This one requires only almonds and a bowl of mortar or a blender. Within a few minutes you have made almond flour.

The almonds can be ground with or without skin.

Skinless almonds have to be cooked first for one or two minutes so that the skin can be pulled off easily.

Almond flour is not only a tasty alternative to cornmeal, but it can also support very well even in diets.

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Because just 4-7 grams of carbohydrates are contained in 100 grams of almond flour.

Thus, it is a good way to replace a portion of grain flour for almond flour.


In addition, even diabetics benefit from excellent flour. More so, diabetes can even be prevented.

The extremely low carbohydrate content will prevent a rapid rise of insulin levels and with regular use, it can also prevent chronic diseases.

Because just carbohydrates in abundance may lead to different symptoms and diseases.

Overweight is not only a result of too many carbohydrates. Also, even behavior changes Nervousness or hyperactivity.

Especially in children, this may be the case and quickly to certifies hyperactivity, which in turn is treated with medications.

While this would not be if the consumption of carbohydrates would be restricted.

During the intake of carbohydrates, insulin levels rise very quickly.

But as soon it falls, it rises again. This, in turn, leads to Cravings, which promotes naturally also the intake of unhealthy foods such as candy.

Thus, it comes further to very high doses of sugar, which then leads to a weakened immune system and thus Can promote cold or infectious diseases.

Still assumed now by researchers, that tooth decay is also a sequence of high carbohydrate intake.

Typically, an adult should take not more than 50 to 60 grams of sugar per day.

Children are correspondingly less. So anyone who would like to reduce his sugar or carbohydrate intake has just found an excellent way with the almond flour.

The almond flour with its nutty, slightly sweet aroma gives such a distinctive taste the food and diabetics will enjoy especially on a delicious dish that tastes even sweeter.

Almond flour in celiac disease

Almond flour is a good way to prepare dishes that could otherwise not be on meal plan especially for people with celiac disease. For almond flour is free of gluten.

Especially when  It is difficult to prepare desserts since gluten is present in many foods.

By contrast, the gluten-free almond flour so delicious baked can be consumed. But also for people who need to suffer from food allergies or diet otherwise low in carbohydrate, almond flour is very well suited.

In addition, it is very well tolerated and has numerous minerals. Also, it can only Score 400 kcal per 100 grams. Regular consumption gets you above deficiencies and ensures not only that the body is balanced but also prevents.

Almond flour, in particular, people fighting with a magnesium deficiency, is highly recommended.

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Studies on almond flour

Almond flour itself, there are no studies, yet to almonds or almond oil in General.

The ingredients of the almond flour are similar to the oil, but not in such strong form.

Nevertheless, we would like to have some studies on almond oil because they show how healthy the nuts are.

The consumption of sweet almond oil, almonds or even almond flour help in skin protection.

So it could Improve skin protection against UV rays as researchers from New Delhi found and it has been evidenced in these two studies, almonds can capitalize on the heart and circulatory health.


In this study, scientists focused on almonds or magnesium-rich food and effects on inflammatory bowel disease.

It was found that food, especially almonds, has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on inflammatory bowel disease.

This study, in turn, shows how excellent is the magnesium-rich almond flour.

That must be observed when baking with almond flour which you must pay attention to a lot. Almond flour contains no gluten and therefore no binders.

This is, of course, difficult handling of the dough, and for this reason, more fluid must be admitted.

Usually, about 5 to 10 percent range more water.

However, not the complete amount of wheat flour can be replaced by the almond flour.

This 20 percent high wheat flour must be replaced with almond flour.

Because just the gluten is responsible for the rising of yeast and therefore should not be missed.

Meanwhile, there are also many dough recipes that are nonetheless gluten-free.

First and foremost, gateaux, pies or pancakes too, which can be prepared gluten-free, fast, and even low-calorie are particularly popular.

But even pizza dough can be made with almond flour to give a special taste to the pizza.

Thus, even people who suffer from diabetes or obesity, not sacrificing these treats can feast to your heart’s content.

Of course, everyone is free to use other ingredients and are therefore just being creative.

If you are not suffering from celiac disease, you can ever be creative and mix the various ingredients with the almond flour.

How about, for example, with fresh bread rolls, which are made with almond flour? A special breakfast treat.

Furthermore, it is recommended to buy different varieties of almond flour.

Depending on the application area, flour is more appropriate than the other flour.


Varieties of Almond flour

Generally, you can assume that there are two varieties of almond flour.

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Butter almond flour on one, and on the other hand, the almond flour, which was made of ground almonds and not de-oiled. While it depends on always, which recipe to be prepared.

Those who prefer recipes that need a juicy dough should rely on the almond flour from the ground almonds. This flour is excellent for muffins or pancakes. Through the grated almonds, thus even their own natural almond oil is included, making the dough very juicy.

If you want nutritious almond flour, you should rely on the purchase of almond flour on butter flour.

Butter almond flour is a byproduct of the almond oil pressure.

The press cake which arises after the pressing of the almond will grind into a fine powder and are thus free of oil.

These contain many nutrients. However, no juicy cake can be prepared with the de-oiled almond flour.

Therefore, almond flour must be de-oiled always on a Wheat flour product to be used to compensate for the missing binding.


How to buy almond flour

If you would like to buy almond flour, you can get this in numerous shops, the grocer stock organic markets or health food stores.

Almond flour is there anywhere to buy. But also online merchants have specialized in the purchase of almond flour in different varieties.

It is always on the seriousness of the dealer to make sure that pure almond flour is purchased to 100 percent. Usually, it can be seen already on the basis of the ingredients, whether it is a high-quality meal from almonds.5

Also, it is sure that the flour produced from the sustainable cultivation of almonds so that no harmful substances it are included.

In addition, it is recommended with the purchase of almond flour to buy different varieties, so for every recipe is the best almond flour in the House.



Almond flour is excellent for people who suffer from celiac disease. Also, for problems with his Magnesium deficiency, it is very well served with the almond oil.

It also contains many nutrients, proteins and boasts low carbohydrates and calories.

Thus, it is ideal and most suitable for athletes. Even diseases such as diabetes can be prevented with the regular use of almond flour and the cardiovascular system is strengthened, which is attributed to the excellent ingredients.

Almond flour is a very good alternative to wheat flour and you can prepare great
and tasty dishes that have a unique taste!

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