Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil Uses & Health Benefits

Black Cumin oil is healthy for humans and animals. Black cumin is known to many as a condiment which is extremely popular but black cumin is not only used as spice but also a remedy for many ailments such as allergies, high blood pressure or even cancer as it has been proven in studies.

The immune system can be strengthened and for acne, asthma, and many other complaints, black seed oil is an important helper.

Even in animals, the oil that is extracted from black cumin seeds is a very good remedy against parasites such as ticks.

There are more than 700 studies on black seed and research is still ongoing.

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Effects and Uses of Black Seed Oil

Black cumin oil is very popular and it’s not only used in kitchen. Also in naturopathy, it’s used several thousand years and is known for its anti-inflammatory effect.

However, black seed oil can do much more and can be used also for following complaints.


Black cumin oil on Allergies

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Allergies have become an endemic disease and more and more people suffer from it.

Especially the house dust allergy which is probably the most common. But also pollen allergies, which can occur as hay fever, psoriasis and asthma.

Even with atopic dermatitis is usually an allergy of trigger.


However, a Neurodermatitis can be curbed only and not cured. Here, black seed oil is very proven and can be helpful to the immune system.


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If Black cumin oil is regularly taken over three to six months, it can reduce the willingness of allergy on one and on the other already existing symptoms or even disappear.

It is pure so in the form of oil or in capsule form.

Black seed oil for acne and pimples

Acne and pimples occur not only to teenagers, where the hormonal balance is confused. Acne can occur in adults and so far the trigger is not verified yet.

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However, since the the male sex hormones mainly stimulate the production of sebum, young men are more often affected than women.

It is even assumed that an inheritance may be possible.


Also, stress, hormones, metabolism or nutrition problems can trigger acne and pimples.

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Acne can leave scars on skin in severe form. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted in any case.


In the mild form, however, black seed oil can be very helpful because the valuable oil has a unique combination of active ingredients which can prevent the emergence of pimples and acne and also help them heal faster.


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To combat pimples and acne, black seed oil should be applied internally and externally. If you take a tablespoon of black cumin oil daily after getting up and at night rubbing the face with the oil, you can already visible results after just a few weeks.


Black oil for ADHD

The diagnosis of ‘ADHD’, i.e. hyperactivity is often a shock to the parents. But first the parents should be really sure because 90 percent of the diagnoses of ADHD are wrong, as experts noted.

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Often, Only about 7 percent really suffer from ADHD and disturb the lessons with their hyperactivity, have concentration or learning disabilities, and react very impulsive.

Thereby, this can be caused by environmental factors, genetic predispositions or also by the poor diet and too little exercise.

Even to many external stimuli such as the environment, television or even game consoles and Smartphones continue to cause reactions and nervous behavior.

It is easy to prescribe medicines, which however are associated with numerous side effects. In the worst case, even growth retardation can occur.

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There is still no scientific studies, however, there are many reviews that show that Black seed oil has a balancing and soothing effect.

Also, children sleep better which in turn leads to a better attention and concentration.

Black cumin oil is detoxifying and can flush environmental toxins from the body.

Due to the important ingredients such as zinc, selenium, chromium and vitamins as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, it positively influence the psyche and can thus also ensure a better concentration.

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A longterm application of about 20 drops daily Egyptian black cumin oil on the  body has positive impact and lessen symptoms.

Black cumin oil in flatulence

For several thousand years, black seed oil is used in the Orient for numerous problems in the digestive tract and can successfully treat heartburn, diarrhea and flatulence.

Bloating can have different causes which are usually completely harmless.

For one, it may cause fiber flatulence and on the other hand also a gluten intolerance can cause bloating.

Still, other intolerances or bacteria can be responsible for increasingly gases that are formed in the intestine.

Especially in pregnancy, it may cause hormonal changes, constipation, which show up in constipation and bloating.

Infants do experience bloating when they have difficulties of adaptation or swallow too much air in the suction.

This quickly leads to bloating and screaming. Here, black cumin oil can be a remedy since it has several ingredients against flatulence and intestinal problems.

While the bitter principle has a saponin Melanthin antispasmodic and intestinal cleansing and still also has an anti-inflammatory effect, harmful bacteria or intestinal parasites with Nigellone Semohiorpion can be gently harmless.

The brewing of tea from crushed caraway seed is suitable for children.

Adults can cook some rice with 2 teaspoons black caraway seed oil with acute symptoms and mix it with plain yogurt.

To prevent black seed oil capsules, you can take 2 to 3
teaspoons pure black caraway seed oil.


Black cumin oil on high blood pressure

High blood pressure is due to lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, nicotine and alcohol consumption. There is an increased risk when age number is increasing.

As you get older, providing metabolism of the organism is the worse. The Result is a high blood pressure.

When this is too high over a period of time, it can constrict the blood vessel walls and harden.

It is in turn causes the heart high pressure and the risk of suffering a heart attack is increased.

In addition, also eyes and kidneys are attacked, if the blood pressure is too high.

To counteract this, a nutrition can often help. But also stress must be reduced to lower the blood pressure again.

Black seed oil, which is known for its blood pressure lowering effect can seriously help.

Taking 3 teaspoon black cumin oil daily can regulate the blood pressure again and prevent against a high blood pressure.


Side effects of Nigella sativa oil
    Usually, there’s no drastic side effects while taking it but some things should be borne in mind.
Especially at the beginning of taking black caraway seed oil, slight bump may likely occur. People with a nervous stomach should continue to occupy the black cumin oil on an empty stomach.
    Due to the high concentration, there could potentially stomach pain.
Also, pregnant women should avoid taking black seed oil as essential oils could have an effect driving off and so may trigger contractions. Otherwise, no side effects are known.