Disadvantages of Magic Shaving Powder and Cream

What is Magic Shaving Powder?

Magic shaving powder is a product that is designed to remove facial hair. However, it is also used to remove pubic hair and hair on sensitive skin.

While razorless shave powder is primarily made for men to remove their beards, having powder is used by both men and women today.



How is Magic Shave hair removal used?

A popular magic shaving powder is Softsheen Carson magic shaving powder with extra strength.

To use it or any other brands, take a portion according to the size of the area you want to shave and the thickness of the hair, mix it with a little water to form a thick paste, then applied to the area deep down the base.

There are also magic shaving creams whereby you don’t have to mix with water again, just apply it to your face, pubic area, or any place you want to remove hair on your skin.

This product works by breaking down the protein structure of your hair, making it easy to wipe away with a damp thick towel after 5 minutes.


Magic hair removal powder and cream

Are there Disadvantages of using Magic Shaving Powder or Cream?

Like my grandpa would always say, there’s nothing good that would not have a disadvantage.

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While Magic shaving powder and cream are a quick and easy way for men to remove their ever-growing beard, and ingrown hair without using a clipper or razor blade, failure to adhere to the directions of the producer can increase the potential risks of using it.


It can irritate the skin

While most of these products have improved over the years, the harsh chemicals in shaving powder and cream can irritate sensitive skin, and cause itching, redness, and burning sensations.

You may want to wash your face before using it, and of course, after using it, and avoid using a razor before and after using magic hair shaving formula.


Allergic reaction

Allergy is a negative reaction of the body to substances, therefore, some people are allergic to some of the ingredients used in magic shaving powder and it can cause symptoms such as redness, hives, bumps, and others.



Some people complain of having pimples on their faces after a long-term use of magic shaving paste.

Your skin may react to this product negatively since it’s made to remove the hair, and not for the skin. The process of removing facial hair could cause ill effects on some skin.

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It can not be used on skin in certain conditions

You should not try magic shaving products on broken or inflamed skin.


It can cause harm if in contact with other organs

It is also important to avoid getting the powder or paste near your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Similarly, when you are using it to remove pubic hair, you should avoid getting it into the opening of your reproductive organs, especially for females to avoid genital infections.


Chemical burns

If magic shaving product is left on the skin for too long or applied too heavily, it can cause chemical burns on the skin area.

This can result in painful blisters, scarring, and permanent skin damage. Therefore, you should strictly adhere to the instructions given on the application of the product.


Unpleasant odor: Magic shaving powder has a strong, unpleasant odor that many people find unpleasant.


It may be ineffective if not used accordingly

If you don’t use the right amount, mix it with the right volume of water, or apply it correctly, it may not give the desired result, and you may have to apply it again.

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Also, this powder may not work well on thicker, coarser hair or on hair that is uniformly grown in a certain area of the skin. It can cause patchy or uneven results.


The process may take time

Unlike using a razor or clipper, using magic shaving powder may take your time if you’re the busy type.

Mixing the powder with water to create a paste, applying it to your face, checking the mirror to see that everything is done well, waiting for 5 minutes or more to check that the hair is now soft and a couple of hair stands can be pulled out with your fingers can be time-consuming.



The pain and discomfort associated with traditional shaving methods like razors, and the use of clippers on fast-growing hair has made many prefer magic shaving powder to other methods of skin hair removal, especially for African American men who have coarse, curly hair that is more difficult to shave.

While Magic shaving powder works well for many people, and the pros outweigh the cons, it is important to be aware of the possible disadvantages of these products.

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