Herbal Treatment of Stomach Pain with Unani formulations

What if you return back home after a busy day and then your mom tells you, “hurry up son, freshen up! I’ve prepared your favorite delicacy for the dinner.”

How would you react to this? Obviously,  you have lost your energy in your office work and at that time, you would be craving for a nice meal.

You will jump upon the food without a delay. If that food is your favorite, then surely you will overeat it.

Then, in the middle of night, you wake up suddenly with a pain sensation in your belly.

What will it be? A stomach pain? Yes it is a stomach pain and you need an immediate treatment for stomach pain.

This is the most common situation when we can have stomach pain but this is not the only.

What if you are a girl and it’s your menstrual period? In this situation, you can have mild to severe cramps due to uterine contraction.

Perhaps, there is another event with which females suffer from mild stomach pain and severe back pain for months.

Yes, you’re going the right way. It is the labor pain during the gestation period.

Also, what will you do for organs related pains? For example, kidney pain and gallbladder pain? So, what will you do for the treatment of stomach pain in all these situations?

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Indian local treatments for stomach issues

Treatment for Stomach Pain

Usually, stomach pain can be simple to complex. Same for its treatments.

In general, stomach pain goes the way it comes after some time. But, it comes back again and again, you must be serious about your condition.

Thereby, you can practice a variety of herbal and home remedies by Unani Tib to comfort yourself.

In the Unani System, there are several ways for the treatment of stomach pain. Some of them are mentioned below:

Food Therapies

Many of us don’t like taking oral drugs that are bitter in taste, and all we love are foods and drinks.

Healthier food and healthy eating habits both ensure a healthier life. But in case you still meet any problem like stomach pain, there are relative treatments that at least our tongue and stomach will like the most.

Herbal Teas for Detoxifying Gut

Herbal tea is one of the natural treatment means for mild stomach pain. However, this treatment can be used for many things.

Herbal tea is so nourishing and perfect for digestion that you can take them daily without any apparent sign of ailment.

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It is also good for the stomach pain that we come across in periods as well.

Mint Margarita for Flatulence

Sometimes due to water deficiencies or other bad eating habits, gas accumulates inside the body.

Farting is the natural process by which this gas goes out of the human body. But sometimes, our body fails to do so.

It is more common in children but adults also complain about it.

Mint margarita is the tasty treatment for stomach pain by gas or flatulence.

You can easily make it by using simple items from your kitchen. This drink has no side effects which means this drink treats gas issues but has other health benefits too.

Baking Soda for Acidity

Acidity is another digestive problem that starts due to overeating or by spicy, and fatty food.

However, there’s also a treatment for stomach pain in acidity as well.

The best way to neutralize the acidity is by using a base. Therefore, you can use a small amount of baking soda in water for this purpose.

Regimental therapies

Walk a few Steps 

We often have digestive problems due to lack of physical inactivity.

Therefore, it is necessary to walk a few steps after having a meal.

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Also, if you feel any acidity and chest burning after a meal, then walking is the perfect remedy for your problem.

Try Some Yoga Poses

Stomach issues may also start due to overburden, emotional disturbance, and depression.

Yoga is a good therapy for relaxation and meditation. After doing yoga exercises for a week or a month, you will surely see the pronounced results.

Rest for Sometime 

Resting is favored for women that are either pregnant or in their menstrual cycle.

In any of these conditions, women do have uterine contractions that cause discomfort. Therefore, lying down for some time gives them a sense of relief.


Unani medicines

Sr. # Medicine Name  Purpose
1 Ajmal Arq Badiyan For Indigestion
2 Jawarish Shahi An Appetizer
3 Jawarish Jalinus Strengthens Stomach activities
4 Qurs Pudina For stomach inflammations
5 Jawarish Ood Shirin For Stomach Acidity
6 Habbe Kabid Naushadri For Indigestion
7 Ajmal Arq Kasni Reduces Liver Inflammation



This was all about treatment for stomach pain. All these treatments are effective enough.

They only comfort stomach pain but also improve our digestion and hormonal activities.

Now there is no need to panic, you can have herbal treatment for stomach pain with various unani formulations.

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