Types of Eczema, Symptoms and their affected Skin Areas

Types of eczema or dermatitis and their affceted area on the skin

Eczema is a common name for different types of skin inflammation and accounts for more than 20% of all types of skin problems. Common symptoms of eczema are itching, rashes, inflamed red skin area, blisters. Eczema usually progresses, and thus have stages. It can also have different triggers – exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous eczema is … Read more

Occupational Dermatitis – Prevention and Treatment

Types of eczema or dermatitis and their affceted area on the skin

Dermatitis is a common inflammatory disease of the skin, in which the affected area becomes itchy, reddened, and swollen. Occupational contact dermatitis is referred to as eczema that’s triggered by the exposure of a person to chemicals in the workplace. There are different causes of dermatitis, however, if the causes arise from the working environment … Read more

Triggers of Eczema Symptoms on the body

Eczema is a condition of the skin where the skin becomes dried out and itches, sometimes forming blisters and patches. Although there’s no exact cause of this diseases, there are triggers of the symptoms. Since eczema is caused by atopic dermatitis – inflammation and irritation of the skin, anything that can irritate your skin or/and … Read more

How Risk of Breast Cancer increases by age

Reasons the risk of developing breast cancers increases as woman age

There are several things that are considered high risk for breast cancer in women. However, the risk of developing breast cancer increases with age as revealed by scientific studies. This brings about several questions such as the following What age has got to do with the chance to be susceptible to cancer? What age group … Read more

List of the Causes of Eczema in Babies and Adults

causes of eczema on the skin of babies, toddlers and adults

Eczema is a very popular and chronic disease since it affects both babies, young adults and the seniors. Also, it can occur in almost any part of the body, from the face to the toe. It is reported that more than 30 million americans suffer from this disease. Depending on the type of eczema one … Read more

CBD Isolate vs CBD Full Spectrum Benefits

Health benefits of hemp seed oil on skin and hair

What is CBD? Hemp seed Oil and hemp seed products have been popular for health food followers for many years. New products undergo extensive scientific research before being used as health products. CBD is an extract of the hemp plant. CBD Isolate More recently, a new product has become available. This is a pure form … Read more

Causes and Remedy of Congenital and Presbycusis Hearing Loss

Viewed from a simple perspective, the definition of deafness which can also be referred to as hearing loss is one’s inability to hear spoken language either with or without amplification. On the other hand, the hearing loss is in a continuum. The degree of hearing loss as measured in frequency and intensity varies from one … Read more

Complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatism is an autoimmune disease that may have genetic and environmental triggers like smoking. Typically, it manifests as an inflammatory response, hence it is not uncommon that virtually every organ system in the body may be involved.   Complications arising from Rheumatism Atherosclerosis This could lead to the scarring of blood vessels that convey oxygen … Read more

Health Benefits of Eating Shiitake Mushroom regularly

Application Shiitake fungus Shiitake has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for healing. The fungus is very diverse and can provide relief in case of discomfort. Shiitake should help in particular with bronchitis, colds, hypertension or circulatory disorders as well as in diabetes, susceptibility or atherosclerosis and other chronic inflammatory diseases. … Read more