Benefits of Argan Oil on Skin and Face

The Moroccan¬†argan oil may not be as popular as coconut oil, olive oil, Evening primrose, and others but it’s one of the best essential oils for healthy skin. Organic argan oil is preferred for skin improvement, it is antibacterial and also antioxidant and help with skin infections. Moroccan argan oil is rich in Vitamins, polyunsaturated … Read more

Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease

What is Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease

The term childhood interstitial lung disease can be a bit misleading because it is usually seen in people who are younger than the age of 50. It is also referred to as children’s interstitial lung disease, and it’s a chronic lung disease in children. childhood interstitial lung disease is one of the types of chronic … Read more

Ellis Van Creveld Syndrome Treatment

What is Ellis Van Creveld Syndrome

Ellis van Creveld syndrome (EVC), also called mesoectodermal dysplasia is an uncommon genetic disorder of skeletal dysplasia. It’s characterized by short limbs or additional fingers or/and toes, but the prognosis for reversal is extremely high because most children with this condition survive to adulthood.¬† Parents of children with Ellis van Creveld syndrome must first understand … Read more

Breech Presentation: Diagnosis, Complications & Management

Breech position of fetus in pregnancy

A breech birth (when the baby is due to be delivered) is considered a pathological condition due to a large number of complications during labour, especially regarding the fetus.   Diagnosis of Breech Presentation The buttocks cannot go through the cervix with enough force to prolong labour, and even if it can, the head coming … Read more

Clove Oil-Eugenol Nutrient Facts and Health benefits

Eugenia caryoplyllata nutrition

Eugenol is an important nutrient found in some essential oils. It is an aromatic compound that is extremely effective against fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Our focus today is clove oil and the effects of the nutrients. It is known for its numbing and analgesic effects, and dentists have used this oil for many years to … Read more

Different Types of Acne – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Different types of acne and how to get rid of them

Types of Acne There are 6 different types of acne, and most of them affect the face, with some different or similar causes, symptoms, and treatment procedures. The different types of acne include whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, papules, nodules, and cysts. Each type of acne has distinctive symptoms, but they also tend to occur in different … Read more

Cacao Nibs vs Dark Chocolate, Nutrient facts and Health benefits

Difference between cacao nibs and powder

Cacao nibs are the hulled and roasted cacao beans while cocoa powder and chocolates are processed cocoa beans with additives. Both Cocoa nibs, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder have similar nutrients but in different compositions due to their forms and processing. There are many health benefits of these products of cocoa but the cocoa nib … Read more

Where you can get Ketamine and Esketamine Nasal Spray treatment

where to get ketamine treatment

Ketamine Clinics Anesthesiologists and pain physicians operate most of the Ketamine clinic. Both of these groups possess experience with this medication and make natural low-dose Ketamine treatment clinicians. Despite this, anyone with a license to prescribe can write for intravenous or intranasal Ketamine. For instance, many psychiatrists are now entering the industry. Ketamine clinical treatment … Read more

Cocoa Nibs Nutrients and their Effects in the body

how to use cacao nibs

Cocoa nibs contain numerous ingredients that are good for the whole body. They are full of calcium, magnesium, and even antioxidants. The main ingredients and their effects are as follows: N-arachidonoylethanolamine (AEA) N-arachidonoylethanolamine (AEA), also known as Anandamide is an endogenous endorphin found in cocoa. It is a fatty neurotransmitter that brings about the feelings … Read more

Royal jelly Nutrients Composition and Health Benefits

What is royal jelly and health benefits

Royal jelly is a gelatinous secretion produced from the glands in the head (hypopharynx) of the worker bees to feed their larva and the adult bees in the colony. This milky, whitish, jelly-like, and thick substance contains water, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals which don’t only nourish the bees but are also healthy for human … Read more