Wheat grass is a healthy food that its health benefits has not gained global awareness as such.

However, medical practitioners and alternative physicians have attributed several health benefits and healing to this rich plant.

Already,  there are positive  reviews from food scientists and testimonials from individuals that have tried wheat grass for healing power.

Although there are less relevant scientific studies to prove the efficacy but there are long-term observations on patients to confirm its healing effects and help in

  • Metabolism
  • Lowering fats
  • Detoxification
  • Improving Immunity
  • Digestion
  • Work for Skin treatment
  • Would healing
  • Fighting colds and Cancer
  • Enrich the body with nutrients responsible for anti ageing
  • Healthy teeth
  • Healthy Heart and lungs
  • Making mensuration to come easy
  • As raw materials for Manufacturing cosmetics products and other ways wheatgrass is used for healing.

In particular, the body’s own immune defense can be strengthened with wheat grass juice in the long term.

Wheatgrass is in the list of foods to boost immune system because it is rich in vitamins and minerals.


Some important ingredients in wheatgrass are:

  • Magnesium
  • flavonoids and phenolic acid
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E


Wheatgrass Help in Improving Immune System

If you want to know how you can improve your compromised immune system functions quickly when sick, wheatgrass is a choice of natural immune booster.

You can take wheatgrass as powder, pill, tablets, capsules or juice; most especially the adults who don’t usually like to take drugs and achieve good result in due time.


Wheatgrass  against Inflammation & for Getting Rid of Free Radicals

The harmful metabolism wastes, the free radicals responsible for the emergence of many diseases are ‘defeated’ in the body due to the antioxidant abilities of wheat grass extract when it is taken regularly.


If you want to reduce free radicals and inflammation on your skin and get rid of them from your brain and the entire body naturally, you need to avoid foods that are sources of free radicals.

You can now start taking organic wheatgrass extracts.

Wheatgrass is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and selenium which help eliminating free radicals from the human body.

You don’t need those expensive skin care products before you can prevent free radicals’ damage, inhibit ageing process, correct acne and boost cell turnover.

It’s one of the most powerful and best antioxidant food for skin and the serum is used as face moisturizer for both men and women.


Wheatgrass Help in Binding Toxins, Chemicals in the Body

In addition, wheatgrass is one of the natural foods that cleanse and remove toxins from your body.

It’s a good home remedy to get rid of harmful drug residues since it can bind deposits and toxic substances in the intestine and improve the Oxygen absorption in your blood.

Thereby, the body cells become revitalized.  Furthermore, a drop of wheat grass juice in water has a strong natural disinfecting effect on skin and domestic products like vinegar.


Wheatgrass Home Remedy to Lower Cholesterol

If you don’t know how to reduce bad cholesterol quickly and naturally without medication, then you should start taking foods that are rich in supplements that lower cholesterol, like wheatgrass and to avoid foods with high cholesterol.

In animal experiment, it has already shown that wheat grass lowers the blood lipid levels.

Voluntary human subjects have also confirmed that regular physical activity and the daily intake of wheat grass juice also have this effect.

This is to prove the efficacy of wheatgrass in helping you reduce weight without drugs.


Wheat grass for Weight Loss

You need to include wheatgrass into your diet plan, take the powder or juice everyday.

Make sure you visit your doctor for proper dosage, and have regular exercise to get faster result in burning out the unnecessary fats.

You’ll now be able to achieve your weight loss goal organically without any medicine and side effects.

The testimonials from communities of wheatgrass consumers are really confirming this.


Wheatgrass Against Chronic Inflammation

A study once published in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, among others, documented that ulzerative colitis (chronic inflammatory dickarm inflammation) slowly and clearly get rid off when regular wheat grass extract is administered.

21 patients were treated for a month with either a placebo or 100 ml of wheat grass juice.

In patients receiving wheat grass juice, the unpleasant symptoms such as bleeding reduced significantly.


Wheatgrass against Ulcerative Colitis

Therefore, It can be assumed that wheat grass is a cure diet and natural remedy for ulcerative colitis flare ups, a sort of Ayurveda and homeopathic treatment and there’s no study for now to prove whether ulcerative colitis can be cured permanently with this approach.

It is known that, the high proportion of antioxidants or the strongly alkaline effect of wheat grass or both effects together are responsible for the positive effects experienced in the study.


Critics have so far pointed to the low number of subjects in this study but the result can not be ignored but rather serve as basis and reference for further studies on the health benefits and healing effects of wheatgrass extracts.


Wheatgrass Against Anemia

Another study shows that wheat grass juice has a positive effect on various forms of anemia (anaemia).

One variant is the thalassemia, the hereditary “Mediterranean anemia”.

The second, more dangerous type of anemia can occur when breast cancer patients have to undergo chemotherapy.

The drugs also have a toxic effect on the cells responsible for the immune system, blood clotting and the oxygen supply in the organism. The consequences may be dangerous to life.

Can we now say that wheatgrass is another natural remedy and latest Ayurvedic treatment for curing minor and major thalassemia naturally?

At this point, we can only see it as diet with helpful supplement to increase haemoglobin and fight thalassemia slowly and also good for cancer patients.

However, generally, it can be incorporated into therapy for chemotherapy induced anemia.

Patients are also advised to take iron enriched foods when lessen the effects of signs and symptoms of chemotherapy induced anemia.

At the well-known Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center, a total of 60 such patients were treated daily during the first stages of chemotherapy, each with a quantum of 60 ml of wheat grass juice.

The rate of patients affected by the dreaded myelotoxicity or myelosuppression decreased, in addition, some of the usual medications that need to accompany chemotherapy could be drastically reduced in their doses.

The patients in the group who received wheat grass juice were consistently older and at the beginning of the study, had worse situation than the test subjects of the control group in which the agent was not used.

Again, further tests are available to corroborate these results, but the first observations speak for themselves.


Wheatgrass Chlorophyll for Haemoglobin

In this context, there is probably not yet fully documented effect of the extremely high chlorophyll content – 10 Μ g/g – of wheat grass.

Chemically, chlorophyll is strongly related to the human blood dye hemoglobin.

Just like this, chlorophyll is supposed to stimulate the metabolism of the cell and improve the oxygen transport in the blood.


Wheat Grass is easy to Grow at Home
If you do everything correctly, the wheat grass will germinate itself and will always be guaranteed fresh organic quality.

Fresh wheatgrass is the choice of many and it’s available in the market.

To whom the effort of getting expensive juice press are too high, wheatgrass products in various forms (powder extract, as tablets or capsules) can be ordered online, in food stores and health stores.

Wheat grass powder can be stirred in drinks or in yogurt. Meanwhile, there are also a whole range of recipes, such as wheat grass smoothies.

These help not only to increase vitality, but also to taste yummy.


Summary of Wheatgrass Health Benefits
To bring the body’s own defenses into the swing and to detoxify and deacidifying the body, the juice or extract from wheat grass is a good alternative.

If there’s no reaction when you use it for a short while, then, wheat grass can be safely taken over long periods of time.

A weak immune defense is often associated with stress and an unhealthy way of life.

These include, for example, long hours of operation with too little movement. Even those who have a serious illness behind this problem, wheat grass juice or extract can work wonder in the long run.

Its high nutrient and vital substance content surpasses many foods by far. Wheat grass products are readily available in organic quality and therefore free of pollutants.

Many of its advantages are characterized by wheat grass mainly as a food supplement, because it


Stabilizes and strengthens the immune system
Provides the organism with many vital substances in high concentration and perfect combination, thereby helping to improve efficiency.

  • It Gets the blood healthy and prevents anemic symptoms
  • Binds toxic substances into intestines and ensures systematic detoxification
  • Has a strong antioxidant effect
  • Promotes, among other things, wound healing and can even heal inflammatory processes in the body
  • Increases the Lutein level and thus maintains the health of the eyes to the old age.
  • Wheat grass not only helps to prevent some disease, it is now even used in school medicine as a supporting agent and  definitely worth a recommendation.