Reasons Smoking Weed is Bad to Your Health

The positive and negative effects of marijuana have always been debatable, while there are research studies and claims of the advantages, there are several other findings which showed both short term and long term side effects of taking it on the human body system. Taking the politics and the marketers out of this, the form … Read more

Eczema on the Face Treatment at Home

To prevent eczema on your face, especially when it has occurred in the past, you need to keep your face from drying out always. You can get rid of eczema on your face if you understand the causes. The home remedy treatment approach is more of preventive measures than medications. You need to apply a … Read more

Marijuana Legality for Medical & Recreational Use in the US

Marijuana use and approval are quickly spreading across the United States of America. More and more people are beginning to accept the fact that this natural plant has many medicinal properties to offer us. In regard to those who use cannabis for recreational purposes, it has been identified to be one of the least harmful … Read more

Sleep Apnea Specialist Treatment Procedures

Do you snore loudly? What about waking up feeling tired, even on a somewhat restful night? You could be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when there is an obstruction in the airways, causing one to start and stop breathing while asleep. Hence, the condition can be fatal. Whereas sleep apnea occurs at any … Read more

How Hemp Seed Oil helps your Skin and Hair Health

The main ingredients of the hemp plant are the Linoleic acid and the α-linolenic acid. These fatty acids are in good ratio and are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of the hemp seed oil. It is thus helpful in the treating of skin diseases, therefore highly respected in the cosmetics industry. It is not only … Read more

CBD Isolate vs CBD Full Spectrum Benefits

What is CBD? Hemp seed Oil and hemp seed products have been popular for health food followers for many years. New products undergo extensive scientific research before being used as health products. CBD is an extract of the hemp plant. CBD Isolate More recently, a new product has become available. This is a pure form … Read more

Causes and Remedy of Congenital and Presbycusis Hearing Loss

Viewed from a simple perspective, the definition of deafness which can also be referred to as hearing loss is one’s inability to hear spoken language either with or without amplification. On the other hand, the hearing loss is in a continuum. The degree of hearing loss as measured in frequency and intensity varies from one … Read more

Complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatism is an autoimmune disease that may have genetic and environmental triggers like smoking. Typically, it manifests as an inflammatory response, hence it is not uncommon that virtually every organ system in the body may be involved.   Complications arising from Rheumatism Atherosclerosis This could lead to the scarring of blood vessels that convey oxygen … Read more

Hemp Protein Health Benefits you Dont Know Yet

Organic Hemp proteins are increasingly popular every day. For one, because they are gluten-free and lactose-free, and on the other hand because it is a perfect nutrient bomb. They contain not only essential Omega fatty acids but also numerous minerals and a large proportion of fiber. They are also easy to digest. Another plus is … Read more