Lavender Flower Essential Oil Uses & Health Benefits

How to use lavender flower for healing and beauty

In Naturopathy, there were two main gains from the real Lavender (Scientific name, Lavandula angustifolia) Two medicinal substances that are discovered in them: for one, these are its blossoms (Lavandulae Flos) and also the Lavender (Lavandulae aetheroleum) derived therefrom.   Lavender internal Use The effects of lavender are almost identical to those of the lavender … Read more

How to Know If You’re Taking the Right Dose of CBD

How to use CBD product for anxiety pain etc in the right dosage

By now, you’ve surely heard of CBD. It’s fast becoming a popular natural treatment for everything from anxiety and nausea to muscle pain and even seizures. Derived from the cannabis plant but lacking THC’s psychoactive qualities (in other words, CBD won’t get you high). Its versatility, safety, and legality have attracted all manner of patients … Read more

Tips for Healthy Eating & Lifestyle to Lower Stress

Eating healthy foods to become healthy and happy

Food is more than just a source of nutrition. It can trigger memories, bringing forth nostalgic feelings that had been all but forgotten. It can be comforting or exciting and the difference it can make on one’s day is impressive. But even with everything else food can be, it is still a means to an … Read more

Death & Dying Education, Stages, Purpose, Importance & Dimensions

What is death and purpose of death as related to teaching students death education

CONCEPT OF DEATH AND DYING Dying is that phase of human existence which precedes death. It may be short-lived or protracted. Death on the other hand is the conclusion of during process when lifelessness is pronounced. For the theologians, death is when the soul leave the body. In spite of the above definitions, every individual … Read more

How to Start Living & Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

How to live and maintain healthy lifestyle

How do you live a healthy lifestyle? Every product of value, most of the necessary demands quality input. Health is a priceless quality product of value which is usually said to be WEALTH. It is a condition of the soundness of the tripartite being, body, soul, and spirit. It is an indisputable fact that man’s … Read more

Early Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease-Dementia & Treatment

signs of Alzheimer in old people and how to deal with it

With every passing day, Alzheimer’s is getting common in the people. Only in America, there are 5.1 million reported cases of Alzheimer’s, and all over the world, this number increases to 44 million. Moreover, only in America, the cost that Alzheimer’s disease patient paid for its treatment is $236 billion in 2016. If you want … Read more

Peanut Oil Nutrition Information and Benefits

Groundnut oil ingredients and their health benefits

Groundnut is healthy food for both man and lower animals because of its high nutrition composition of carb, protein, fiber, fats, minerals, and vitamins. One important extract from peanut that’s edible for man is the oil. The end product of the extraction is the groundnut cake (GNC) which can be used to feed livestock and … Read more

Types of Eczema, Symptoms and their affected Skin Areas

Types of eczema or dermatitis and their affceted area on the skin

Eczema is a common name for different types of skin inflammation and accounts for more than 20% of all types of skin problems. Common symptoms of eczema are itching, rashes, inflamed red skin area, blisters. Eczema usually progresses, and thus have stages. It can also have different triggers – exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous eczema is … Read more

SIgns and Symptoms of Eczema on the Face and Others

Types of eczema or dermatitis and their affceted area on the skin

There are different types of eczema and their triggers, however, the symptoms of this skin disease are similar. The symptoms can be in stages irrespective of the type of dermatitis but generally, the following are the common symptoms of eczema.   Dry, sensitive and itchy skin Red, inflamed and swollen skin Dark-colored patches of skin … Read more