Types of Joints: Synarthroses and Amphiarthrosis

Types of bone joints and examples

Types of Joints Joints are classified into three major groups or types using structural features or potentials for movement as distinguishing criteria. For the athletic trainer, a system of joint classification using a degree of movement is the more functional and appropriate method. On this basis, three joint classes can be identified. That is Synarthroses … Read more

SIgns and Symptoms of Eczema on the Face and Others

Types of eczema or dermatitis and their affceted area on the skin

There are different types of eczema and their triggers, however, the symptoms of this skin disease are similar. The symptoms can be in stages irrespective of the type of dermatitis but generally, the following are the common symptoms of eczema.   Dry, sensitive and itchy skin Red, inflamed and swollen skin Dark-colored patches of skin … Read more

Marijuana Legality for Medical & Recreational Use in the US

Marijuana use and approval are quickly spreading across the United States of America. More and more people are beginning to accept the fact that this natural plant has many medicinal properties to offer us. In regard to those who use cannabis for recreational purposes, it has been identified to be one of the least harmful … Read more

How Hemp Seed Oil helps your Skin and Hair Health

Health benefits of hemp seed oil on skin and hair

The main ingredients of the hemp plant are the Linoleic acid and the α-linolenic acid. These fatty acids are in good ratio and are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of the hemp seed oil. It is thus helpful in the treating of skin diseases, therefore highly respected in the cosmetics industry. It is not only … Read more

Hemp Protein Health Benefits you Dont Know Yet

Organic Hemp proteins are increasingly popular every day. For one, because they are gluten-free and lactose-free, and on the other hand because it is a perfect nutrient bomb. They contain not only essential Omega fatty acids but also numerous minerals and a large proportion of fiber. They are also easy to digest. Another plus is … Read more

Nutritional Facts of Acerola Cherry and their Health Benefits

Acerola cherry fruit (Barbados Cherry) is one of the natural sources of vitamin C. Not just a good source of natural vitamin C, it’s one of the fruits with a high amount of vitamin C and other essential vitamins. Even with the Rosehip that has a similar amount of vitamin C content, Acerola has many … Read more

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy in Treating deadly diseases

There are many controversies surrounding stem cell research and therapy, but there are also numerous benefits when it comes to the medical sector. Stem cells have many applications for treating diseases, and there are still so many undeveloped abilities, meaning, they can treat even more diseases in the future. Day in and day out, scientists … Read more

Diabetics Type ii Foods & Fruits to be Taking and Others to Avoid

Diabetes type 2 is the commonest type of diabetes, and which can be well managed unlike type 1. Many people who suffer from type 2 diabetes are adults, and possibly have family members who’re also diabetic. Although diet and lifestyle can contribute significantly to the risk factors causing diabetes, people with a family record of … Read more

How to use Guarana for health: Dosage, Cautions and Side effects

Guarana plant, especially the fruit and the seeds are known for several health benefits. The guarana seed and fruit have a wide range of dosage forms. The seeds are often processed into powder, capsules, and pills for medicinal use. it can as well be processed into energy drinks which serve as a stimulant and dietary … Read more