Safflower Oil for Hair Benefits

Safflower is usually extracted industrially to produce edible oil. The safflower oil is not only ingested, it can be applied externally on the skin and hair. Due to its rich ingredients in minerals and vitamins, the oil has found its way into many cosmetic products. Especially products made to improve the skin and hair growth. … Read more

Black Cumin Seed Oil Benefits for skin

How to use black cumin seeds oil for skin care

Black cumin seed oil can be used on both animals and man. It is rich in nutrients that can help both the internal and external organs of the body. The health benefits of black seed oil for skin can not be overemphasized. There are testimonials on the effectiveness of organic black seed oil on skin … Read more

What is Allergy – Types, Causes and Symptoms

Allergy causes, symptoms and treatment

An allergy is an acquired special sensitivity to a substance that is harmless to most people. The victim tends to have repeated contact with the irritating substance which affects the skin or other body parts. The substance that produces the allergic reaction is known as an allergen, a protein that the body interprets to be … Read more

Meganuclease Applications – Pros and Cons

meganucleases in general editing and biomedical applications

The research on genetic problems faced by individuals has prompted several developments in the field of genetic engineering and meganucleases. These developments have enabled researchers to manipulate and develop genetically designed organisms that can serve as a source of food, fuel, medicines, and other necessities. Quick Background of Genetic Engineering The procedure of genetic modification … Read more

Batten Disease – Symtoms and Treatment

Batten disease is a neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCLs)

What is Batten Disease Batten disease is a lysosomal storage disorder that’s caused by a buildup of lipopigments in the patient’s body tissues. Batten disease is also known as Kufs disease or neurological ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCLS) It is a group of multiple sclerosis (MS) conditions marked by vision loss and seizures, as well as severe … Read more

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder Medication

PLMD symptoms and medications to use

Periodic limb movement disease, or PLMD for short, affects approximately one million adults in the United States alone. Although the causes of PLMD are not known, doctors have identified several common factors that can contribute to or exacerbate PLMD symptoms. Similar to restless legs syndrome, PLMD is characterized by abnormal involuntary movement of the legs … Read more

Jojoba Oil Nutrients facts and Benefits

Effective ingredients of jojoba oil Some of the effects of jojoba oil are much more known. Jojoba oil moisturizes the skin and is therefore used very much in cosmetics. But the effects of jojoba oil go far beyond these and is quite suitable for use as an alternative remedy. To understand how jojoba oil really … Read more

Top Cardamom Healing Effects that will Wow You

How to use cardamom spice for health benefits

The curative effects of cardamom Spices that’s been produced from cardamom also often have a beneficial effect in addition to their organoleptic qualities. Ideally, it combines both benefits in healthy prepared meals. There may be some complaints but nevertheless, an herbal extract can help. Cardamom is such a versatile spice plant because its seed capsules … Read more

Lavender Flower Essential Oil Uses & Health Benefits

How to use lavender flower for healing and beauty

In Naturopathy, there were two main gains from the real Lavender (Scientific name, Lavandula angustifolia) Two medicinal substances that are discovered in them: for one, these are its blossoms (Lavandulae Flos) and also the Lavender (Lavandulae aetheroleum) derived therefrom.   Lavender internal Use The effects of lavender are almost identical to those of the lavender … Read more

Meaning of Open & Closed Wound/Injuries, Types, Signs & Treatment

What are the different categories of open wounds and their treatment

EXPOSED INJURIES These are those injuries in which there’s a disruption in the continuity of the skin. These injuries are common in athletics and include open wounds and various skin liaisons that may or may not break the skin.   Open Wounds Open wounds are normally caused by physical trauma and may range from a … Read more