How Air Pollution affects Pregnancy & How to Stay Safe

How to protect pregnancy from air pollution

The air a pregnant woman breathes affects both her and her baby’s health. You don’t have to be an expert to know that the quality of air in towns and cities is not the best, and there are environmental exposure you should avoid as a pregnant woman.   Air pollution exposure during pregnancy Pregnanct women … Read more

Working with Chemicals while Pregnant

chemical to avoid during pregnancy

We constantly come into contact with chemicals, perfumes, household chemicals, cosmetics, and hygiene products throughout our lives. We use various products in everyday life, and don’t even question ourselves as to whether they are harmful or not. However, working with chemicals while pregnant is not the same when you’re not pregnant since chemical exposure during … Read more

Fall Car Care Tips to ensure you Drive Safely

Prevention is always cost-effective, safer, and better than cure. Even though car accident is more common in the summer than in the winter, the cold season affects cars more than the warm season. Before getting into the winter season, the fall is that time of the year you need to prepare your vehicle for safe … Read more

How Microdosing Stimulant Drug can help Smokers

Benefits of nicotine pouch to smokers

Microdosing marijuana or tobacco is a process that a lot of smokers are still unaware of. Its introduction into the mainstream was back in mid-2016. This process is one that could change the way in which cannabis is being smoked. But first, let’s take a look at what it means to microdose.   What is … Read more

Sesame Oil for Thicker, Longer and Darker Hair

Sesame seed oil benefits for hair growth

Sesame oil, when extracted through the cold-pressed method can be rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids. The organic sesame oil is best used for both skin and hair treatment. The high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids or vitamin A and E in sesame seed oil help protect hair against environmental influences. The sesame seed … Read more

REM Sleeping Behavior Disorder Treatment

Causes and treatment of Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (REMD) is a sleep disorder characterized by abnormal dream interpretation and disruption of REM atonia in most patients. It is a condition amongst the seniors whereby you act out a dream while you’re asleep, and it’s not a common health issue, just about one percent of the population or less. REM … Read more

Which Style of Aquamarine Suits You?

Aquamarines are valuable, and they are cherished for their versatility as a gemstone.  Not only is their colour a beautiful blue that would complement anyone, but their variety of size and style only makes them more appealing. Before you decide on which aquamarine jewellery to buy, see which style of aquamarine suits you best. Let’s … Read more

How to Know If You’re Taking the Right Dose of CBD

How to use CBD product for anxiety pain etc in the right dosage

By now, you’ve surely heard of CBD. It’s fast becoming a popular natural treatment for everything from anxiety and nausea to muscle pain and even seizures. Derived from the cannabis plant but lacking THC’s psychoactive qualities (in other words, CBD won’t get you high). Its versatility, safety, and legality have attracted all manner of patients … Read more

Tips for Healthy Eating & Lifestyle to Lower Stress

Eating healthy foods to become healthy and happy

Food is more than just a source of nutrition. It can trigger memories, bringing forth nostalgic feelings that had been all but forgotten. It can be comforting or exciting and the difference it can make on one’s day is impressive. But even with everything else food can be, it is still a means to an … Read more