Natural Antihistamines to Help curing Allergy and Asthma

Allergy, especially food allergy is a serious health issue in America. There are facts that food allergy is on the rise globally and statistics have proven this to be a threat to the US and others like Australia, Germany, Italy, and Norway. While our focus today is on the natural way of preventing and managing … Read more

How to Extract Oil from Walnut with Cold and Hot Pressing

Walnut Oil is nutritious and healthy for cooking. It has positive effects on the brain, promotes healthy sleep, sperm count and others. It’s not only used in the kitchen, but also in cosmetics for glowing skin, stronger hair, hair growth, and anti-dandruff. Due to its substantial proportion of essential fatty acids and many other ingredients, … Read more

Disadvantages of GM Foods on Health and Environment

Farmers and stakeholders in the food industry have chosen crop genetic modification as one of the methods to improve yield and increase productivity. Genetically modified foods, also known as GMOs have been widely accepted and criticised at the same time for the last two decades now. There are selected growing methods and breeding through which … Read more

Minerals: their sources and Benefits to the Body

What are minerals? Minerals are naturally occurring inorganic substances which are found in a solid state such as bones and teeth. They could also be as a solution such as ionized or non-ionized form such as blood plasma. The mineral which can not be produced by the human body and is obtained from the diet … Read more

Cholesterol: Types| Sources| Benefits & Side Effects

Cholesterol is a type of fat synthesized by the human body and obtained from certain food items. It is vital for good health, but excessive levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause various health disorders.   Types of Cholesterol Cholesterol is carried around in the human body by a protein called lipoprotein. Different types … Read more

How to Buy and Use Manuka Honey for Treatment: Dosage & Warnings

  Manuka honey is used for treating different diseases. One of the most important nutrient that’s responsible for its potency is the Methylglyoxal (MGO). In other honeys, this nutrient is only in low concentration and that’s one of the reasons manuka honey is so expensive. It is also the reason why we have many fake … Read more