Cacao Nibs vs Dark Chocolate, Nutrient facts and Health benefits

Cacao nibs are the hulled and roasted cacao beans while cocoa powder and chocolates are processed cocoa beans with additives. Both Cocoa nibs, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder have similar nutrients but in different compositions due to their forms and processing. There are many health benefits of these products of cocoa but the cocoa nib … Read more

Royal jelly Nutrients Composition and Health Benefits

Royal jelly is a gelatinous secretion produced from the glands in the head (hypopharynx) of the worker bees to feed their larva and the adult bees in the colony. This milky, whitish, jelly-like and thick substance contains water, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals which don’t only nourish the bees but also healthy for human consumption. … Read more

Types of Biotechnology and How it is used in different Fields

meaning of biotechnology, its types and applicatons

Biotechnology is coined from the two words Bio: which means life, and Technology: which means a product of applied science. Biotechnology is now the use of scientific principles and machine to alter a biological process of organisms and plants to produce products or processes for the desired outcome. Biotechnology is used across different fields of … Read more

Lab-grown meat production and its Advantages

Cultured meat can also be referred to as in-vitro meat, ¬†clean meat, lab-grown meat, manufactured, or synthetic meat. How is lab-grown meat made It is produced from extracted animal cells which are cultured in a container and grown into thousands of muscle fibers that form a piece of meat. Lab-grown meat has been forecasted in … Read more

How to use Cell salts, Health Benefits and symptoms of Deficiencies

Cell salts are tissue salts developed by Dr. Schuessler in the 18th century. They’re twelve and can also be commonly referred to as biochem salts, tissue salt or Schuessler tissue salts. Cell Salts are made from the minerals that are essential for blood cells. They maintain balance and health and help in restoring overall cell … Read more

Natural Antihistamines to Help curing Allergy and Asthma

Allergy, especially food allergy is a serious health issue in America. There are facts that food allergy is on the rise globally and statistics have proven this to be a threat to the US and others like Australia, Germany, Italy, and Norway. While our focus today is on the natural way of preventing and managing … Read more

How to Extract Oil from Walnut with Cold and Hot Pressing

Walnut Oil is nutritious and healthy for cooking. It has positive effects on the brain, promotes healthy sleep, sperm count and others. It’s not only used in the kitchen, but also in cosmetics for glowing skin, stronger hair, hair growth, and anti-dandruff. Due to its substantial proportion of essential fatty acids and many other ingredients, … Read more

Disadvantages of GM Foods on Health and Environment

Farmers and stakeholders in the food industry have chosen crop genetic modification as one of the methods to improve yield and increase productivity. Genetically modified foods, also known as GMOs have been widely accepted and criticised at the same time for the last two decades now. There are selected growing methods and breeding through which … Read more

Essential Vitamins: Types, their Food Sources and Benefits to the Body

A vitamin is an organic compound that is required by the human body in limited amounts. Since the human body is not able to synthesize all the compounds in sufficient quantities, food rich in different vitamins should be consumed. In some cases, vitamin supplements are used for the treatment of health problems. Vitamins are vital … Read more