How to use White Corn

About white corn White corn is a grain crop and belongs to the family Gramineae. It is native to the Americas and can be grown year-round, provided there are mild sunlight and adequate irrigation. White corn matures in 3 months, however, there are now hybrids that can mature faster.Its ears are wrapped in white husks … Read more

Hemp Protein Nutrition Values

How to benefit from hemp seed

The herbal hemp protein offers a huge advantage compared to animal protein or products such as tofu and soy. It has numerous substances and is thus very important for the entire body. In addition to a unique amino acid profile, hemp protein has to offer the following: An almost perfect fatty acid patterns especially high … Read more

Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic on Health

List of th benefits of Garlic cloves

Garlic has been in use as a condiment and for healing for quite some years. It smells quite pungent and tastes somewhat burning with a slightly sweetish taste. The smell of garlic is caused by the essential oils and ingredients like allicin and allisatin. These ingredients are known to help to lower the cholesterol in … Read more

Canola Oil Cooking Recipes – What you can do with it

How to use castor oil for healing

Canola oil, which is made from varieties of Rapeseed can be used in cold cooking, as well as for frying and baking. With the pale yellow to gold-yellow rapeseed oil, which is also very mild, almost neutral in taste, all meals can be prepared. Especially in salads of all kinds, canola oil is very much … Read more

Acai Berry Superfood – Nutritional data and Health Effects

Nutrients in Acai berry and their health benefits

Acai berry has abundant vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients. The taste of the fruit is not something that most people like. Sometimes it’s referred to as greasy earthy or astringent. Even with its sour taste, it contains ingredients that are essential for good health. Fiber Acai berry is rich in fiber. In fact, about … Read more

Black Cumin Seed Oil Nutrition Fact and Benefits

Essential ingredients of Black onion seed oil and their benefits

Black cumin is also known as kalonji, black caraway and black onion. The oil consists of numerous mineral, vitamins and chemicals that do the body good. It is one of the essential oils that help with respiratory infections, digestive symptoms, allergies, asthma, and positive influence on a wide range of body functions. Essential Nutrients of … Read more

Sunflower seed Oil Nutritional Value and Benefits

Nutrient composition of sunflower seed oil and their health benefits

Sunflower seed oil is one of the edible oils that really benefits the body. It is known for its high monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and low proportion of saturated fats. Several discoveries have shown that unsaturated fats benefit the body more that the saturated one. However, the nutrient composition of sunflower oil may differ depending … Read more

Types of Biotechnology and How it is used in different Fields

meaning of biotechnology, its types and applicatons

Biotechnology is coined from the two words Bio: which means life, and Technology: which means a product of applied science. Biotechnology is now the use of scientific principles and machine to alter a biological process of organisms and plants to produce products or processes for the desired outcome. Biotechnology is used across different fields of … Read more

Lab-grown meat production and its Advantages

What is lab grown or cultured meat

Cultured meat can also be referred to as in-vitro meat, ¬†clean meat, lab-grown meat, manufactured, or synthetic meat. How is lab-grown meat made? It is produced from extracted animal cells which are cultured in a container and grown into thousands of muscle fibers that form a piece of meat. Lab-grown meat has been forecasted in … Read more

How to use Cell salts, Health Benefits and symptoms of Deficiencies

Cell salts are tissue salts developed by Dr. Schuessler in the 18th century. They’re twelve and can also be commonly referred to as biochem salts, tissue salt or Schuessler tissue salts. Cell Salts are made from the minerals that are essential for blood cells. They maintain balance and health and help in restoring overall cell … Read more