Saffron Origin and Cost Price to buy Online

The saffron spice and its history What even the fewest know is the fact that the saffron spice has a really long and höhst interesting story. Already in Greek mythology it is reported that Zeus rested on a bed of saffron. As a remedy as well as spice, saffron was already used by the Phoenicians. … Read more

saffron recipes done

Saffron is a delicious and popular spice that’s known for its superb flavor, taste and color and it’s used everywhere. The spice is derived from the stigma of flower of the saffron crocus plant. It is one of the most expensive best spice in price per pound, ounce and you can grow the plant if … Read more

where to buy spirulina

Where can I buy spirulina? There are many ways to buy spirulina – on the one there are the algae in reform houses or also natural food stores. The easiest way, however, is to be on the Internet, here you can compare the different providers and also pay special attention to the ingredients. This is … Read more

Shiitake mushroom nutrition

Shiitake Mushrooms – tasty and healthy Shiitake mushrooms know most people from Chinese and Japanese cuisine. But in the meantime he also has a solid place in the kitchen and tastes not only delicious, but can be supportive in many health problems. In China and Japan, the Shiitake mushrooms have been appreciated in medicine for … Read more

schussler tissue salts

Schussler salts-effect and application possibilities A well-known size in the history of medicine is Professor Dr. Rudolf Virchow, who researched and worked in Berlin in the 19th century. Among other things, he is regarded as the discoverer of the cells, of the tiny building blocks from which every living being is composed – today the … Read more

Spirulina algae

What are spirulina algae? Spirulina is a special form of algae, also called blue. This organism has grown on this earth for many millennia, long before there were humans and it is one of the first organisms that grew here. Centuries ago, people discovered the algae as food and there were civilizations where the algae … Read more

Sacha inchi

Sacha InChI – the still unknown superfood Sacha InChI (pronounced: Satscha Inski) is known among many different names. It is also called Inca Peanut, Inca InChI, mountain peanut or Inca nut and is still quite unknown in this country. This superfood has a lot to offer. The Inca nut is full of omega-3 fatty acids … Read more

cooking shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake Recipes With Shiitake you can conjure up delicious dishes. If you do not wash away the Shiitake mushrooms, but rub them well with a kitchen towel, you will have a very special taste experience. For so purified the Shiitake mushroom tastes better and more aromatic. The stems of Shiitake are usually used only for … Read more

How to buy shiitake mushroom

Purchase of Shiitake If you want to buy Shiitake, you will soon find that the fungus is offered in different dosage forms. For one, Shiitake can be bought fresh on the weekly market and the fungus can be obtained in powder, tablet or capsule form. When buying Shiitake, however, it is important to pay attention … Read more

Rosemary plant

Rosemary Rosemary in Latin Rosemary officinalis, is a plant that is used as a spice and also as a remedy. Rosemary comes from the medium more space, but is now cultivated in many other areas and countries. Rosemary is evergreen and grows best in areas that are sunny and dry. If you want to, Rosemary … Read more