How to use Castor Oil to grow Eyelashes and Eyebrows

how to use castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrow growth

Organic castor oil for eyelashes is advantageous once we talk about eyelash growth and beauty. It is usually a comfortable home solution to achieve long plus thick eyelashes in a short amount of time. Organic castor oil for eyelashes when placed on the eyelashes prevents the excessive break and drop out of your eyelashes which … Read more

5 WAYS Organic Castor Oil can improve your Hair Health

METHOD 1: Blend Castor Oil and Almond Oil. 1.    The Benefits: If we look into the composition of both castor oil and almond oil, we will find one important component in hair growth, and that is vitamin E. Both the oils are rich in vitamin E that can help improve the growth of the hair. … Read more

Food Calories Intake vs Times You Eat Daily vs Weight Loss/Gain

Calories per day to increase or shed weight

What science says about how many times you should eat a day. While checking out the position of the International Society of sports nutrition, relative to the frequency of meals based on dozens of scholarly sources. So, how many times per day do you have to eat, according to research by scientists?    In some … Read more

Full Muscle Groups Exercise Vs Split Steady Workouts

Should you Exercise the muscle groups at once or split? Another cornerstone of power training: full body (exercise on all muscle groups at in a day) or split (Mon-Wed-legs spin, Fri-chest)? How can it be effectively, for what purposes, to whom and under what circumstances. We spoke again with some fitness specialists , went through … Read more

Sports Medicine Specialist, Physician, Athletic Trainer on Sports Injuries

  Sports medicine specialist is a person or individual with specialized education and training, who focuses on the medical and therapeutic aspects of sports participation and physical activities. This title of sports medicine specialist does not necessarily mean that the specialist is a physician. A sports medicine physicians     Summarily, the focus of sports … Read more

How to Gain Muscle Weight & also Burn Fats Fast

Do you want to build muscles and burn fats at the same time? Surely, you can focus on fat loss and muscle gain. Let some experts admit the possibility of a small muscle growth when you reset the masses, we should deal with them in turn because it is inherently contradictory processes. Periodization These processes … Read more

Best Fastest Healthy Easy Ways to Lose Body Weight

How can you quickly start losing weight? Many people are now conscious of their weight, people want to be fit and look good. Overweight is also a risk factor to many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. In some parts of the world, overweight people are also stigmatized and this usually result to self esteem. Everyone loves … Read more